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Princess Diana a rememberance

I liked Princess Diana, I thought that she was truly eligible and worthy for the throne, I really wanted her to be the next person, it did not occur, and maybe it wasn’t her destiny.

I have found it hard, nay very difficult to like or interpret anyone quite suitable, yet. If the person has been found, they are not readily heir apparent. Diana was warm caring and compassionate person, and she seriously made sense. She had an empathetic vibe about her that so made sense. You could see her warmth, her charm, her vitality, and she made sense. I have not seen the exact same in any of the candidates publically presented  for the world stage, and none that are being thrown at us for the future, this that or the other.

If the girl, female, or person is out there, they have not publicly been presented in the traditional way, and are not clearly int he immediate circle.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I have come to appreciate Camilla over the years> I find her to be an adequate, nay suitable wife to Charles, I adored Diana it’s a truth, but I have learnt to become accustomed to Camilla. Do I see her as the next person, is she the one I would have chosen? No, not so much so, but she is the one I would originally have chosen, but when I view her, she puts the effort into it. When she is in the papers, she is having fun, she represents the Old Monarchy well, she has a style that has shone throughout the years. I have learnt to like Camilla. I have not forgotten Diana. She will always be the Queen that I wanted, and that love still remains.

However if Diana is not available, and she is not, then I wanted to see someone similar to her step into the situation, it’s still my fondest wish, and the wish of so many others, that will not change. Camilla is Camilla, and I don’t expect her to be Diana, but at least she shows up, and she shows up well, and does what is expected. Others that they have passed off, paraded around, are not adequate, eligible, and do not live up to Diana’s standards, or any standards that I am co-cognizant off, and in my opinion, do not exemplify what should be seen in a Royal person, cause well, they are not Royal, but also in any kind of future role, capacity, as Princess, much less any station equal to, or above that.

I would be more direct, however I choose not to be at this moment and time. I have an appreciation of Camilla, but Diana was the Queen that I wanted, and there is no one, and I mean this, in the spotlight, the known spotlight, that holds a flame to her, a candle to her, a candle in the wind to her, but it’s not just that. I am tired of cheap, plastic, insincere, horrific individuals who are so false, and so insincere, corrupt, they do not make sense, and will never hold a candle to her, are not a good, suitable, or adequate representation, for themselves or others. I am tired sincerely of having that kind, and that sort, continually thrown at the public. Most times it wouldn’t even be worth my time to write, or blog about it, but something particularly caught my attention, and I felt, emboldened to write this article.

Diana you are remembered and loved, that does not change, others are a waste for this time period, a false interpretation, a picture of Dorian Gray if you will, you never see the truth, that is all too often hidden away, while you see the pretty front, and surfaces represented. The internals, the behind the scenes, are likely quite something different. You were at least a moment of reality for us, and I sincerely thank  you for that. She was not perfect, she was not meant to be, but she was human, warmth, and she remained something behind that still remains, that still lingers.

Happy Holiday’s, Take Care.

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