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Fascilities, FEMA, BRAVE NEW WORLD, and 1984 Remembered

An orchestrated shooting in a major downtown city, a need for special constables to be introduced, and you have the makings of a really problematic situation.

I keep wondering how in some major cities are they going to be getting their citizens to give up wearing their crosses, head pieces and so forth, to give up that much individuality, you would either have to be breaking them down from the inside out, where no one could see, or you would have to be turning the city into another New York, where people are routinely stopped and searched.

Word is that the orchastrated shooting was likely initiated by A certain police chief, who wants these individuals on the Subway, so that they can introduce this new wave. The crazy part is, no matter what is written no matter what is said, I can see the trappings of this. The city is a fairly free city, the way New York use to be, now they want cops with hand held tasers, special constables on subways, that can stop and arrest people, do they get to search them yet, and ask a bunch of special questions?

I can tell you, it always starts like that, till the citizens have no voice. Created enough fear, remember when a specific city had their year of the gun, and the loss of innocence that created, or the bus beheadings and the new laws that got instituted. People always have plans and objectives, and if they can’t get it through one way, they will attempt to get it through another way.

So let’s see, on the subways these days, they have anti personal suits, (landmines) raping people, AKA the frequency suits, they are not doing anyone any good, but at least some of that got curtailed, with the spiritual laws, report forms, and HELP ME GRIDS that have been instituted.

The point is, if enabled, you will not get it back, and let’s be honest, humanity is naive, enough for anything, but lately I just think you are stupid in some cases, and ungrateful in others. And while some do not mind whiling their days away in facilities, spiritually or otherwise, some of us do. I would be one of them. I also mind the frequency suits. I mind giving up crosses, headbands, gear or what have you. I mind a future where you just through it away and give into this stuff, but I have watched you, you are fully capable of this.

What I am on this topic, and so many have gotten accoutered to spiritual facilities, and the wonderful violations, an interesting item came to some attentions recently. There are close to 380 buildings, the suggesting is that each holds about 110,000 people each, I have no idea where they are located, but can you imagine in an emergency what would happen?

We have all happily and comfortably forgotten about FEMA Camps, Brave New World, and 1984, but some have not. Humanity can be so easily lead, and controlled at times, it will never make sense. Those who can, should be doing, and all it takes is a few to assist the many, but on the other hand all it takes is a few to enslave the many, till freedom is forgotten, does humanity always have to go through such time, no, but they are all too willing to.

We have lives that we like, they may not be perfect, but they make sense, the moment you give them up, and enable fear to take over, then it’s not the correct thing.

The city out there, that had the violent incident,  of some sort, in some public arena that was unexpected, the shooting is likely orchestrated as part of a larger agenda that is going to be moving forward, you are going to be getting special constables, cause of it, and they will likely be the first wave of you being willing to give up your rights, be searched, and lose what you hold dear, so you can hold on to your precious freedom, safety and security, all of which you will have none of.

Special Constables should not be mistaken for The Royal Order, I repeat, Special Constables, should not be mistaken for the Royal Order, The Royal Order is this. They are a specific group that make sense, and that also have the spiritual authority, and governing authority. It is not the bruit squad you will be sending. I am sorry in advance to refer to any hard working special constable as such, but you will likely be used to do their bidding, and I don’t want The Royal Order to be mistaken, or mixed up in this.

You are not the incorrect people at this moment, but if you know anything about how police squads, Red Squads, or Special Constables are used in such time periods, you would say I was correct in advance. (Remember they were just following orders.) I am clear cause I have done some of the research, and I would curtail as much of this as I can for as long as I can, but you are not invalids, when you really don’t want something, you find a way to put a stop to it, the best way to do it is to take back your cities in advance, cause they will take them away, and you will not know this level of freedom again. Stop or prevent that situation in advance.

All it takes is a few to stir up stuff, can cause trouble, and get these sort of agenda’s through, and all it takes on the other hand, are a few light, who are aware in advance, to be clear, about what is going on, or what is ongoing, as we are taken city by city. Remember those who give up freedom for security, shall have none, and deserve none either.

Wake up, what’s changed, your awareness. There are a few who will destroy the many, become aware of those situations.

Again to summarize, major international city with violent incident, likely linked back to the police chief, who wants to introduce special constables, take it for what it’s worth with a grain of salt.

Second, special constables are not The Royal Order. The Royal Order have the spiritual authority over all such groups, and entities, spiritually and universally.

Third, cities around the globe are becoming less free, some are already being held in facilities spiritually, and we have to be careful that this does not happen on the face of the planet, cause this is how people learn to give up their rights and freedoms.

Places about 380 have been located, that hold about 110,000, if they have been located, what is the purpose, and where are the locations, and what is the purpose?

Lastly, you give up your rights and freedoms all too easily, you are not children, but you are all too willing to be lead, and a few are all too willing to destroy the many. Take care, take care in advance.

have the time don’t have the things you want

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  1. Okay, so I understand alot of the stuff in this article is happening to me. Obviously your scare campaign isn’t fully working though.

    First of all: You would be NOTHING without your money, regardless of how smart you feel. Without your money, there would only be 5 crappy webpages on the internet which wouldn’t show up on google, there would be about 10 people following me only and I wouldnt care. Also you’d probably have been busted.

    Second: In reality, you have nothing to offer anybody, other then temporary things, temporary money and temporary ego. You might feel like a master manipulator, but you are not. I’ve heard many people make references to getting paid, and this time they were not bs-ing me.

    Third: You won’t get far with this. There is 1000 ways I know of to “accidentally” get law enforcement agencies to investigate this. You can try and stop me but I can quickly think of something else. Its in my plans to do when I can afford to do it. (I’m not talking about money)

    Forth: You all think stupid. Once in a while, you’re not as careful and leave permanent evidence money can wash. If a “special” kind of threat were made, the internet satellites would be checked, and I KNOW you don’t have enough money to stop that, even being worth 1 billion, that’s something they would check EVERY GANG STALKING DOCUMENTATION ABOUT.

    Fifth: So far you are failing. No matter where you guys harass me, I don’t leave. That should tell you something.

    Sixth: I don’t buy any of your bullshit. Not mind control, not anything…. You guys have been following me everywhere talking from a distance, hypnotizing me, and putting shit on the internet to bother me.

    Seventh: I will report you eventually and sue you. There’s no dealing with this anymore. Its time for both of us to go in our own place. I don’t see you, you don’t see me.

    Comment by Patrick | December 14, 2013 | Reply

    • Sounds like a plan Patrick, wish you the best of luck with this stuff.

      Comment by gangstalking | December 19, 2013 | Reply

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