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Google Want To Wire Your Homes

Google Want To Wire Your Homes

I was reading the article and they want to add microchips apparently to the ceiling of your home, so you can use their personal assistant service. I think that would be highly intrusive, but the human population is such that it’s impossible to say.

There is already a Spiritual Based Service that does this stuff, and it’s none intrusive, but then people might prefer something more intrusive, who knows.

Elsewhere he said he could ask his Google assistant where to go for lunch that serves a particular type of food and on a certain budget and Google will find somewhere.

Huffman could then get in his car and his sat nav would be already programmed to take him to the restaurant of choice.

The Royal Queen Support Services System which has been in operation for over two years, has a second component which is a Personal Assistant, and it does just that. Cost effective as well, none invasive, and the service is up and running in advance, it’s not even something that you have to wait for to be designed.
Personal Assistant

There is a personal assistant that can be ordered as a separate service. It’s not a part of the HELP ME GRID, but it can be ordered via The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. The remote personal assistance assists you with all those day to day tasks that you need assisting with.

Gives you time saving ideas and information and assists you with being better organized. It’s a spiritual based service, but it’s fun and it works. This can be ordered via The Royal Queen Authority Financial System.

The second portion of the system is a spiritual based remote assistant. This is a remote service that can be ordered to your location, and the feel, and interaction with this remote, spiritual based product is similar to having a virtual assistant arrive straight to your door.

The product can be ordered via The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. The item that is already existing is a Spiritual Based Product and it works.

The next item they list in the article, reminds me a bit of something else that I use on occasion. Something called The Knowledgebase. The article does not mention the Knowledgebase, the Knowledgebase is something that I personally use on occasion.

Huffman believes that personal home assistants could work in a similar way, by telling users they need to leave for an appointment – because it has checked their calendar – or remind them what time a flight leaves, for example.

Google’s recent Hummingbird update also made the search engine more human by being able to answer long, complex questions and understand context.

For example, asking Google ‘Tell me about impressionist artists’ will show a list of artists but also now let users click to learn about the impressionist movement, browse individual artwork, or switch to abstract artists using filters.

They have the search engine, but you know, the Knowledgebase does something similar, if you ask specific questions, the Knowledgebase service, which is available on a universal scale, actually does something similar, but it’s spiritual based.

You can literally pull it up by saying, ‘what would Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey Do?’, say it a couple of times, or what would The Family Unit Do? Either one should pull up the Knowledgebase, which is a spiritual based archive.

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