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Community Planning and Implementation


*World Of The Royal Queen

Community Implementation and Planning

A Global Plan, for a global initiative. The idea is to have a harmonized plan of implementation that can benefit most individuals across the face of the planet. It means connecting with various sources on a global basis to  implement plans of action, and activities that enable humanity to be thee eligible to be in the correct situations, and it’s in line with all the objectives.

The idea is to have a holistic approach to communities. I prefer to not have homogenized communities, but I do want to have communities where you can walk in, and have a familiar look and feel.

There should be some basics that makes sense to everyone, or just about everyone. The basics that are likely to make the most sense are things such as:

  • The Royal Queen Security Clearances
  • Unique Identifiers

A universal cash exchange system similar to The Royal Queen Authority Financial System may also make sense, it would be nice to see, but not necessarily essential.  Basic community changes, and items are what will be implemented across the board.

The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office

The Office, handles situations and finds solutions. The office is there to be ever present, not ever visulent.  They actually deal with the individuals that are problematic for the society, vs creating files on individuals that do not need to be tracked and monitored. They are updated spiritually on a regular and on going basis. The link in with several different sources, to create one of the most effective situation, solutions on the face of the planet.

The Royal Queen Support Services System

The HELP ME GRID is a universal help me grid system. It files reports on behalf of individuals. It’s there to assist, and it links in and connects with several other such systems.

The system has been planned, and is an essential part of community planning and implementation. It’s there to assist communities and individuals in their day to day lives. The system takes, and files spiritual based reports, which are then now aligned synchronized, and harmonized with current systems.

Filing a spiritual report, it then links in with other systems, it then links in with earth based, and universal systems, or components. Those reports are then actioned.

The Royal Order

A Universal Force for a universal objective. The Royal Order is likely to play a pivitol role in future endeavors. They are a league designed to assist with a variety of situations, and they find solutions that are universal and unique. They are well trained in some cases, or activated on an ongoing and rotational basis. They are eligible to assist with the correct situation. We believe that when the correct person is called into the correct situation, at the correct moment and time, it can create monumental changes and effects in a ways that benefits the society as a whole.

They are alert hopefully, ever more increasingly active, they have the spiritual authority over ever other force, and hopefully in future will play an increasingly more pivitol role in community planning and implementation.

The Royal Queen Standards Bureau

This offices aligns spiritual objectives and standards, and ensures that there is an alignment, a harmonized standards of operating, and operations

  • The Maximum and Minimum Holding Facilities
  • The Royal Queen Institutions of Learning (Education)
  • Health Care

The Maximum and Minimum Holding Facilities

The Maximum and minimum holding facilities play a substantial role in community planning and implementation, and what will be occurring every more increasingly is that when a crime is commuted, and penal intervention is required, the holding facilities will pay a unique role, possibly along with The Office, in evaluating those individuals, and ensuring that penal time spiritually is in universal alignment.

This means if a situation does occur, a crime is committed, or something where penal intervention is required, both objectives, and time that is required, will now be harmonized.

Filing a spiritual report, and having it linking in with the earth province component, and then, having those reports being actioned.


The databases in most cases have been aligned and are more in line with objectives. With the current databases information didn’t always have the accuracy that was required. With these new databases that use and utilize the Unique Identifier system, information is more correct and accurate.

The databases can also have more concise and correct information. Who was in the incident, relevant and suitable details can be included, while still respecting the privacy of the individual. In an emergency information can be also tracked more accurately and responded to in an more effective mannerism.

Social Psychologists

Social Psychologists play a huge role in community implementation and planning. They have the harmonized skill set that is necessary to get the situations aligned and in order. Their unique view of situations play a pivitol and universal role in community implementation and planning.

They have a duo skill set that focuses on the social, but also the psychological aspects of the situations. Previous situation focused on the psychology of the situation, and at times neglected, negated, or flat out ignored the social, or underlying social aspects. These are all now taken into consideration with this newly implemented format of doing things.

Community Advisors

These are individuals in their own capacities that care about their communities, and have a beneficial effect upon the community. They are aware of the situations that are ongoing and take measures to implement, or enact changes that assist, have a positive changes or affect the community in a beneficial manner.

They are consistent and they make sense. Some will or will not have the social psychologist, possibly researcher, background, but they will be or will have played a positive role in their communities.


Standards that are in line, on par, or in semi alignment with The Royal Queen Institutions of Learning, and access to education or information.

Each student should have the chance to become the correct person, doing the correct thing, and they should have the chance and opportunity for a reasonable amount of time.

Health Care

I would like to implemented a system of health care and reforms that benefit that vast majority of individuals. I would like to see that health care distributed for free, or at a reasonable cost to the individual. The mechanisms are there in place, and individuals should be given access to information.

I would like to see Personal Identifiers used as a source of evaluations, comprehensive evaluations that seriously make sense. Once the evaluations are done, I would like to then see methods implemented for treatment, therapy, or both for a reasonable cost.

I would like to see the heath care system link in with alternative systems thus a holistic application to treatment could be implemented. If community Councillors are needed, medical professional, social psychologists, remote Councillors, financial well being assistance, and so forth, that could be instituted.

Functionality and Flow

The  system that is being created, or that has been created is one of flow and functionality. Hopefully a system or situation that seriously makes sense. It is harmonized with spiritual based, earth province, and universal systems.

The system must be versatile and it must function. I would like to see the vast majority of previous dsyfunctionality discontinue.
versatile, and it must function.

The current systems,  cost lives, money, the vast majority of individuals operating are operating over their budgets, because the current system does not have the financial functionality it needs to survive. It also cost innocent people their lives, I can cocognizant this, by the string of innocent individuals that have been affected by these current systems.

The individuals in these situations are starting to use spiritual based situations to record, file reports, do investigations, and that is the reason mini conspiracies are literally also being recorded. It’s a fresh start in the way things are done.

Changes need to be made, they need to be implemented and planned. Those changes however need to be made by those who are not too dsyfunctional, they need to be made by those who are functional enough to comprehend that a change needs to be made.

Some positions are likely better off, if they are not infiltrated situations such as the informant system. Some who were on this system, have remained unchanged, and thus could be still eligible to play a vital role in creating situations, and giving helpful suggestion, feedback and advise to specific parts of community planning and implementation. We are always, or often willing to work with functional individuals.

There are some hard and fast rules, some versatile rules, but primarily, those waste of space and time and energies that are a continual pattern of misbehavior, bad deeds, deliberately socially  disruptive, criminally inclined, need to be curtailed, and either placed into better streams, of social action, or thought, or they need to be curtailed in a way that makes sense to the society, and if possible to the individual.

*Taken from world of the royal queen, for additional information, visit that site.

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