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The Unique Identifier System

The Unique Identifier System

They are being upgraded to work with access cards. Meaning that if you have an access card, and it gives access to only specific locations, the unique identifiers can assist with these situations.

Eg. If your access card or passcard, can automatically or manually cordon off locations, for workers, guests, tourists what have you then you can now in part work with the unique identifiers.

They can now be synced and harmonized with existing technology. The unique identifier information can confirm where the guest has access to, and the pass cards could uniquely be updated, and thus assisting with only giving or providing access to the correct individual for specific locations, events venues etc.

Passcards that automatically update to give or revoke access are the best ones to work with.

The unique identifiers work on their own, with their own sensors, but they also can work with other temp solutions. They are unique to the individual, working with passcards is a temporary solution that can be implemented to enable individuals to use the system, till the technology can be fully, or wholly integrated.


December 7, 2013 - Posted by | Gang Stalking

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