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I like being a Targeted Individual

I like being a Targeted Individual
Or how I survived.

I like being a Targeted Individuals, it wasn’t always that way, but I feel that way, oh so ever present now. It has taught me how to survive. Years ago, I would have done quite a bit to not be a Targeted Individual, it was and still is at times one of the worst times in my human history.

However recently with some of the changes available to us, the situation in some ways is more manageable. In today’s society we can now tell if threat assessment files are there on us or not.

We also have spiritual based items which do make a difference, we also have quilts. We not only have the Indigo Ribbon Quilt, but we also the Targeted Individual Quilt and that is the one that a lot of us use, and utilize.

Today we can also file spiritual based reports, and do mini investigations into who or what is targeting us, those are making quite a bit of sense. Basically we have the capacity to be thee eligible to be in the correct situations doing the correct things.

The reports can be filed by saying HELP ME YES, HELP ME YES file a report, or I would like to file a spiritual based report please. Those are linked in and affiliated with The Royal Queen Support Services System. AKA, The HELP ME GRID.

We might still be getting targeted but our situations, and our capacity, and what we can do is a little bit better than what it was. If I did not have those, I would be a lot more upset. We have the change and oppertunity for real inquiries, that suitably make sense.

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  1. I sent a comment by email, Hope it makes sense, I approach all of this from the explanations provided if you have enough clues called Monarch programming….not that I know the facts beyond the assumptions one has to make from what little bits of evidence
    either rain down on you or drown you. TB

    Comment by Tim Baber (@beachhutman) | December 7, 2013 | Reply

  2. You have to be kidding that you like being a targeted individual! Did they do something to your brain?

    Comment by neverending1 | December 9, 2013 | Reply

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