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Tony Blair’s Secret Stalker Squad

Tony Blair’s Secret Stalker Squad

Years ago when I first read about Tony Blair’s Secret Stalker Squad it was interesting. I was not clear how interesting it could be.

The research/investigation that I am currently conducting into The Robot Sentient Research Project, There is a link and a truly strong one to the above mentioned situations. That individuals have been given access via these offices.

There is evidently a program that creates a profile of an individual, the program create a profile of the person, with specific access points, the points are similar to electrical impulses, so when a specific access point is accessed the person who they have created the profile on feels the action or the details.

The individuals with access to this are some of the most problematic individuals in the land. The problem with such a sophisticated system is that it can be used, and utilized for the good, or for the bad.

We are all physical beings, if you can move a persons hand across the room, with just a machine, and the mind of another individual, imagine what you could do to your worst enemies, or to children, adults, or even others?

The situation is that this has been done, the access is there, and while so little is known, the technology is being utilized. To harass, to harm, to do the incorrect situations.

Spiritually because this is in part the results of the investigation, documents have been sent to the correct individuals, representing the specific Threat, and it’s hoped that suitable and adequate feedback can be provided.

Informal measures have been taken several times, and now more formal ones are required. Take Care,

December 5, 2013 - Posted by | Gang Stalking

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  1. I have used the Police psychologists powers of arrest within the Fixated Threat Assessment Scheme to deal with someone who was implicating me in his seeking justice with a VIP. He had cause enough on the surface and I was an easy touch to help him out.
    I did research, got paid £400 for 4 pages on a very secure Mr A L R Morton, a genuine secret state entrepreneur…who had bought my friends £1.5 million house and drove him crazy with the felt injustice of how it panned out. So the FTAS worked as it should, my friend was spoken to and learned what he could and could not do with his freedoms. I was spooked by the system more than my friend who would not tell me what he was going to do with my trailer whilst the Government had their Conference yards away, but eventually my friendship suffered from some economies taken not by me with what was not on record. It was early in my days as a researcher outside a cosy library. In the end all was settled without a great tragedy, which I had feared. So here is a story by an activist today on Monarch Programming (google my name) where this police power was applied for and provided and the minimal use of its powers were enough because the police are getting better and better knowing what we are capable of.
    I am beachhutman on twitter. Links a plenty to find if I can be trusted…but please..only in my past.

    Comment by Tim Baber (@beachhutman) | December 6, 2013 | Reply

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