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The Informant System

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The Royal Queen became the rightful owner of The Informant System. She is not an informant herself, and is not of the informant system, but she took over control to revamp the system, because it the incorrect types of situations were happening.

She has been the rightful owner ever since, and has revamped it suitably. The System use to function in a way that made sense to many on the system. The Royal Queen is an outsider, and what she observed was very interesting. The Informant System was not at the time eligible to be in line with the Global Community Planning and Implementation that was planed. Thus a full two years or so was spent reviewing and finding ways that a system that has exited for centuries could be revamped, and still be eligible to be in the correct situations doing the correct things, while not systemically destroying humanity, and it’s best outcomes. It was an enormous task, but it’s one of the first situations that had to be taken care of for the Global Community Planning and Implementation to move forward.

Community Planning and Implementation


Rapes: The Rapes that were so customary and such a constant part of the informant system, became ineligible. They are no longer a part of official or unofficial policy. It was and they were a consummate part of The Informant System, and that is one situation that has been revamped.

Minor Children:

Children under the age of 14 can no longer be added to the informant system. They were not eligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things. By the time they turned 14, some had been on the informant system, since they were born. Many were used, and utilized for adult purposed, before they ever had a chance to become the correct person, or do the correct things. This new rule and regulation, affords them the opportunity. It is also in line with the objectives, and mandates of Bill 184. The chance to become the correct person, the chance to do the correct  things.

Being Added without permission

The revamp of the informant system means that some individuals, most can no longer falsely be added to the informant system without permission. The days of passing a person on the street, and adding them to the system, as fun, and humorous at that was, that procedure has been also revamped. They must have just cause to be added to The Informant System. They also now require the persons Unique Identifier. It is now illegal. (It was actually always illegal, but it’s what was gotten away with previously.)


There are many new laws in place with the revamp of The Informant System, there are also pre-existing laws, that are now harmonized, and in sync, that were not eligible to be in sync previously. They are now better aligned with Community Implementation and Planning.

Bill !84

Some of the new laws and procedures were in line with Bill 184, the chance to become the correct person, and do the correct thing. It’s one of the core rules, and regulations. One of the core laws.


Many of the procedures are currently in the process of being revamped. Many of the previous procedures wasted time, energy, resources, and funding. The Informant System has streamlined those mechanisms, and will run, and operate in that mannerism, capacity and regard, in a more efficient manner. Those behind the scenes are becoming familiar or acquainted with those procedures and will eventually be streamlined, or in line with those procedures.

Technology Changes

Much like most of the planet now. They now use the Unique Identifier System. When filing reports, following people around, systemically destroying their lives. (Not an official policy) The Informant System, now uses the Unique Identifier System to confirm who they are assigned to be in contact with. It’s a more accurate and efficient way of functioning.


Uniquely Identified Forms are also used at times to convey information. The information is conveyed in a specific way to the specific person. Less chance for errors, or omissions.


From time to time, those on The Informant System receive feedback. Sometimes it’s feedback that’s internal, sometimes it’s in regards to the individuals they are eligible to be in contact with. The feedback could be for a variety of reasons.


You misrepresent the informant system, carry out an agenda that is all your own, or mess up the current objectives, and you could be subjected to fees, fines, or penalties.


Spiritually, and eventually on the face of the planet, if you have objectives that are outside  of the predescribed  guidelines, you may be ineligible to be in the correct situations, doing the correct things, then you will have fees, fines, or penalties to contend with.


They very they can include feedback, very light fines, suspension, arrest, or actual time served. It could even include extended stays on The Informant System. The situations ranges. Spiritually your stay would likely be in the the Maximum or minimum holding facilities.

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