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A pretext for war

(A Page from World Of The Royal Queen)

They have been hired to start a war, I don’t care how you do it. listen Hades is the only person that can get this through for us, tell me again this horse shit, about how the upstairs type people, these gods and goddesses are the only ones that can get this objective through?

They want a war with Iran, and they will come right to your front door to get it, but  why them, why me. Because you have dealt with these types before. With what, God’s and Goddesses are you serious, I don’t even think that they exist. Well best start believing in Ghost stories as they stay, they exist, and Aries is, Aries God of War, did I spell that right, did I stutter, he’s going to do what he always does, he is going to create a precursor for war. He is going after Hades, he’s going to create an incident, yes a pre-cursor for war. Listen, we have most of the free world in our situations, we own asses, and let’s face it we own the other end of most o f the free world as well, but this one little ineligible situation has to be taken care of, it has to be dealt with, we need a precursor for war, not just war, Hades has something that we need, he has some kind of end of the world chip, some kind of end of the world ballet, once you place him into the incorrect situations, doing the incorrect things, or piss him off enough, he is going to cast it, and then we get to go to war, keep our perpetual war machine going, and we get what we need to survive.

That’s a hand full, when have I dealt with these kinds before? You don’t know? He just smiles and walks away, just create the situation, fulfill the request, get this through, get the war started, perpetual war machine is there for a reason, then we get what we want, and our friends, get what they want, the ancient city get’s their great whore back, you know the city, and the other friends, well they get their little end of the world scenario, and their historic monument, get’s to be rebuilt. Everything is there, we just need the pre-text, get the blanking pretext through, we don’t have time to waste.

One more thing, what about this dividing line we’ve been hearing about this Royal Bitch, they keep talking about, The Royal Queen, I don’t even think she exist. You mean that girl that keeps thawing all of your efforts, just saying word gets around, it get’s out. Maybe you should be saying a little or a lot less, if you know what’s good for you, and what’s good for business. Listen, we got most of the free world on these here informant systems or networks, we own them in advance, infact we don’t just have the free world, we have the none free world, we own who we own, and what we own in advance. Then why this pre-text, I’m telling you, this is how we function, this is how they function, this is what moves things along. What about the girl however, the girl, we will worry about her, her every move is tracked in advance, we have one of our best agents on her. Agents, I thought you had, the whore of the ancient city in her situations. Yeah the one she calls the cheap, plastic mannequin, with the fake or plastic smile. Listen they are in on this too, this meets with our objectives meets with theirs. They want the war as much as we do, maybe more. Hides the fact that they have the wrong package in the situation, that thing, that dear god in heaven what is that thing, that b*tch they brought into the situation, is good for one thing and one thing only, and then what are we suppose to do with her for the next 23hrs and 45 mins a day, which is how long it takes her to go through her husbands friends, we finally set her loose on the girl. Everytime she is sleeping, writing working, we got her doing a bunch of gross stuff, what better than getting the not correct girl, to go after the correct, we got her making all there ineligible as she calls them sexual advances, raping her children, spiritually, and the ones with her on the face of the planet.  So it’s true, she has children then? She’s got them in her camp, listen I’m not suppose to reveal too much, but if that Royal Bitch want to stand in our way, we will stand in hers, and we have a cast of celebrities to assist us with doing. No one is going to believe her, we made the other one larger than life, and that’s how the whole thing functions, we put her out there, do some good P.R. and if we want them to think she is freaking mother Theresa they will, cause that’s how they function.

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