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Indigo Ribbon Month

indigoribbonlogo4bStill off to a great start. Looking forward to November 23, which is Indigo Ribbon Day.

This year we got everything out early. The quilt was there in advance, the delivery was on time this year, and now there is this nice din. We did it, we got this stuff out on time, we did it.

Some years there is no cause for celebration, or cheer, but this year, we are a little bit better organized, there is more awareness, more news articles, but mostly it’s now up to Targeted Individuals to stop perpetrating false myths, and stick to some of the more relevant stuff. We have some degree of proof but we are still targeted on a daily basis, so the struggle still continues, but we are here.

Thanks to all that are supporting legitimate efforts, you know who you are, you get the correct information out, and you don’t waste our time and energy, the community thanks you in advance.

Happy Indigo Ribbon Month, and cheers.


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