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Secure Passwords

A recent incident

Someone was attempting to remotely copy the finger print of another person to place them in a database, they were using fairly common technology, the police have it and so do others.

The individual attempted to steal the spiritual profile of another person, the plot was to show the individual as the incorrect sort of person, place the person into a database, this is all done remotely, and take over their profile.

The individual switched the profile with a prominent prime minister, or former prime minister, and it created a national security incident in the background.

The individual involved is a cheap, plastic mannequin who has too much assess and not enough brains, either way let’s say the other person involved in the situation was not thrilled.

I kept thinking if this person only had the unique identifier system this could have been avoided.

Fingerprints are not fool proof, now that it’s pretty obvious that they are not, and that they can be taken remotely from a distance they don’t want that.

Eye Scans can also be problematic. They are also not fool proof. They also can be copied.

Voice recognition is also not fool proof, as it can be copied as well, but it’s a bit more difficult.

Humans want something, that is none intrusive, that is none invasive, something that actually makes sense.

The other ideas and suggestions also do not make sense, chips, pills, and rings that you carry around with you.

The only suggestion that continually makes sense is the unique identifier system. It’s the one that is most consistent, and does what it is to do, without being invasive, it’s remote, it’s spiritual. It makes sense, and it works.

October 17, 2013 - Posted by | activism, Awareness, Technology

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  1. Are you at all familiar with how gang stalking works?
    How does somebody become a target and how are others convinced they are deserving of such harrassment?

    Comment by T | October 21, 2013 | Reply

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