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Battery dolly of the English society?

Battery dolly of the English society?
(The title is inflammatory for a reason, because the situation is inflammatory)

I came across this story and it seriously does not make sense. Is everyone in the U.K. just into child molestation then?

I came across this story about 2 years ago hence, about a so called high prominent, let’s say a Royal person of sorts, I don’t call him or any of his sort Royal however, they are vile, dirty, corrupt, child molesters and they don’t make any sense.

Now I have already done my due diligence and reported what I could of any particular details, to whichever sources, were suitable or eligible, but to no avail. What I am clear on is that there are some dirty, nasty people that exist in the world, they do the grosses, nastiest things, and they think that they can get away with it, cause those around them eneligible it.

To the dirty nasty gross society around him, who enablgibled this to happen, you suck, and you are the same thing that he is, cause enough of you are aware of it, but you are openly eneligibling him to violate children, and particularly this young girl on a daily basis, not just him, but dozens upon dozens of his friends. The police and others including their threat assessment teams will not do anything, they are cocognizant of the details, cause what could be relayed has.

Also to the so called prominent society prominent family, who are aware of this, and eneligibling, you are not the society that I wish to have, you are just as gross as he is, I can only assume, that when you sons and daughters were younger, you eneligibled similar or such behavior that is why you do not see anything incorrect or wrong with it, or you would not so willingly do along with it.

I might not be eligible at the moment to get this abuse stopped in this little girls life and others, but you are a league, you are a society of child molesters, and pedophiles, and until that type of situation ceases to exist, you are not welcome to be in my situations, spiritually or on the face of the planet. You are removed in advance. My curse is there in your situations, in your outcomes, if I can do nothing else, I can curse you. However I have done just about everything else, forwarded what could be forwarded, and they still continue to torment this child, and others, this child they have turned or are attempting to turn into the battery dolly of their society, the rest could be no better, cause they do not find anything incorrect with this type of behavior. She is a six year old girl, and the god daughter of a quite prominent person, he is just a seriously gross bitch, and he is not doing anything suitable, along with the rest of his society, cause this would have been discontinued otherwise.

All I can say is I am now clear why the Seville scandal is their, quite a few of them are like this, and not only do they give themselves over to such gross and disgraceful situations, they give their children over to it, almost from the time they are born, they are brought up in such situations, till they think that way, feel that way, and act that way.

To me they are a dirty nasty set of individuals. I am also clear that excessive child molestation, now cause interesting situations, in young children females, it may well be what is responsible for the early onset of their mensesis, if I can discuss such topics, for a child age, or those ages to be in such situations, they are a league of child molesters, who cover for themselves, have group sexual situations, molestation of 14-23 individuals in an evening, fully grown individuals, sexually molesting and raping a child is nothing to them, they are gross bitches, who seriously need to go get washed, their could be nothing clean about them, but they are there, on the front covers, on the magazines, and they smile the smile, walk the walk, and behind the scenes, do things that God has never even heard of or intended.

Specific events that were recently relayed to be about this child, who is half starving, abused, molested, dehydrated half the time, half alive, mostly dead, and abused like a thing in the society, and still no one does anything, they are gross bitches, and I will never feel differently about the ones that eneligibled it. The ones that sit by and do nothing, even worst the ones that go along with this. I am tired, the few details, I have are gross, I feel like I just go in, and am hearing about it. I long to prosecute these people spiritually and on the face of the planet. I long to have D notices removed from files, and have a world that makes sense. Oh well till then. You do what you can, but some days you pray. We are all taught that if such abuses were happening, that we just call the police, or 999, or 911 correct? But no, even when you do the correct things, those types of calls go unanswered, and if you think the Targeted Individuals have come across covered up conspiracies, you have seen nothing yet. Our world is not the correct thing, thus why the Decamp Cover up’s and scandles could happen. They cover for each other, create agencies to cover it up, oh well, another day, the situations continue, it’s hard to believe that I could be in this world and not get the situation discontinued.

It’s one of the harshest realities, I have ever come across or had to face, but in this world, even with all these situations in place, they seem at times to protect who should not be protected, and protect what should not be protected. Also I am clear that not everyone in the U.K. is a child molester or feels this way, but tonight this person has taken to openly molesting this child in a public manner, and you would think those around would say something, but no.

This gross bitches creature is to create another scenario such as this,

The gross bitch family are perfectly willing to sell this child out to the person, and go along with this, they feel this will set the little girl into the correct situations, for such is how their society functions, a world of STD, molestations, and the grosses mentalities, I have ever come across.  When I read that Wikipedia story, I was clear such things should not occur in this world, to them this is the idea world they would like to create, where they have other willing families that will give their young children over to this, thus they have a society that is suppose to be affluent and well to do, most are sick, or ill, behind the scenes and ever more in public, due to these types of situations, which should end, which must end.

October 13, 2013 - Posted by | Gang Stalking

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