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A post from World OF The Royal Queen

(This is a brief post taken from World Of The Royal Queen, for those following along. It’s one of those adventures that you can follow online, might end up being a book, but the whole adventure ties in with stuff that can at times be experienced in the real world. )

Lighter Times

During the marriage to Lucifer when Ruth Emily Rose a sister to Vengeance and a sword, and Seth became engaged it was a wonderful time. The engagement party was held inside of A Spiritual Place and it was the most wonderful time in human history. Their paths had been so hard. Vengeance and a sword, Ruth Emily Rose’s brother had been hunted down, and murdered. The Royal Queen had recovered him in sending and receiving as well, as so many of the other children.  Vengeance as he was called for short, had been listed as a child, a child of the prophecy, a prophecy that The Old Monarchy, Clinton, the military,  and others had hoped to discontinue.

They hunted him down, and his brother Micheal and murdered them, there was no reason for it. Micheal was not a natural child to The Royal Queen, but her gentle and delicate Micheal was a a  blessing that had come into her life at some point in the past, he would also be reclaimed from sending and receiving.

Vengeance and Micheal had been sent away to the seminary to keep them safe and to protect them. Those years were some of the loneliest saddest years of their lives. Vengeance was first captured by the military, having heard that he was a child destined to fulfill some prophecy they wanted to experiment on him, and they did. They kidnapped him, and would have sent him through the years of torture that they had to his mother The Royal Queen, Kevin, and Annalora, but they could not. The Royal Queen rescued him in advance. Took him out of the facilitates, and sent him over the gates.

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