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The Silk Road, TOR, Bitcoin

The Silk Road, TOR, Bitcoin

The silk road is shut down, but to me it just seems like the government is making a play for bitcoin, a virtual currency that a lot of people were starting to use.

The wallets are suppose to be anonymous, but now things are apparently different, and now they have access to some of that information. Also it seems that now the TOR network is a little bit more accessible than should be.

We need to have anonymous systems, we also need to have things like the bitcoin. How else are governments going to pay their bills in future? But in all seriousness, I am not in favor of drugs, or the guns, and so forth, so silk road itself might not have been my type of site, but the concept of freedom, is what I like. I just read up on the website concept. Anonymous surfing, and a anonymous coin, who on the internet wouldn’t be into that. That portion of it I like, but the other stuff is not necessarily going to be my cut of tea.

Why are the bitcoin wallets accessible. If the website is illegal or ineligible, why was it not shut down before now. It certainly has been operating for some time?

The TOR network also didn’t have to be in this situation, are internet freedoms slipping away, and why is it that decentralized coins, or currency now make even more sense, with the removal of this situation, from the internet?

To me it just seem like a wallet grab. The money seized is confirmed as about 1.2 billion worth, in currency equivalent, that is quite a lot.

Although obscured, Silk Road netted big money. The total revenue generated from launch until July 23, 2013, resulted in approximately 9,519,664 Bitcoins and 614,305 Bitcoins of commission for Silk Road itself, court documents reveal. That converts to roughly $1.2 billion in revenue and $79.8 million in commissions, at current Bitcoin prices.

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