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Threat Assessment Teams

Fixated Threat Assessment  Centre

In the United Kingdom, the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) is a joint police/mental health unit set up in October 2006 by the Home Office, the Department of Health and Metropolitan Police Service to assess and manage the risk to politicians, members of the British Royal Family, and other public figures from obsessive individuals.[1][2]

The Fixated Threat Assessment Center is something that some might use to create profiles on individuals for years at a time. Remember such articles as Tony Blair’s Secret Stalker Squads?

They can actuall y use very little to open file on individuals, and create the type of monitoring that is not eligible to be in the correct situations for years, and I do mean ongoing years at a time. One word from the correct, or rather incorrect person and it could become that type of situation.

The Government has established a shadowy new national anti-terrorist unit to protect VIPs, with the power to detain suspects indefinitely using mental health laws.

The revelation is set to reignite the row over the Government’s use of draconian measures to deal with terror suspects amid accusations they are abusing human rights.

The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) was quietly set up last year to identify individuals who pose a direct threat to VIPs including the Prime Minister, the Cabinet and the Royal Family.

It was given sweeping powers to check more than 10,000 suspects’ files to identify mentally unstable potential killers and stalkers with a fixation against public figures.

The team’s psychiatrists and psychologists then have the power to order treatment – including forcibly detaining suspects in secure psychiatric units.

Sounds a little bit harsh correct, open files against those who are allegedly fixated on public figures? Use mental health laws to detain suspects in secure psychiatric units? Sounds a bit draconian does it not? However this reality has been there for several years, and this is indicative of some of the situations we are seeing in the Targeted Individual community.

This type of Threat Assessment Team is what we have become accustomed to. Some may in the past, myself I dare say have even have ended up in their lair or grasp without knowing it, although I do not have any fixations on public figures that I am aware of, but such situations are what average individuals are coming across in time.

A new reality and hopefully a situation that will assist us in being more co-cognizant of situations. It’s something called The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office. I have blogged about it before in brief, and it’s hear. It’s a spiritual based Royal Threat Assessment Team Office that functions in a slightly different, mannerism, capacity and regard.

The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office
The Office

The Royal Threat Assessment Team Office. Finding solutions to situations.
The Office is universal and international in it’s scope and vision.
The Office is spiritual based, and revolutionary, it also uses the unique identifier system.

With Targeted Individuals, what I do find is that if we do have files out there, sometimes, well most of the time, they have inaccurate information. It’s the only situation that does not make sense.

The Office as it is called is spiritually based, and uses a unique identifier system to create files. It actually functions in a different mannerism, capacity and regard. If you do have a file, and are eligible, you might actually virtually, or rather spiritually, be eligible to request your records, only if you are eligible.

I think that is one situation that is different that I am fond of. Also The Office also works with a variety of sources to monitor, and keep track of individuals that do require monitoring, but is less likely to monitor the incorrect sorts that do not need monitoring, because the reports are in part spiritual based, that is one of the nice differences, and it’s just the start in a new way of doing things.

I hope to write more about both these locations in future. One is an Office, and the other is a Center. One might be a help to us in future, and one might be a hindrance. We will see in time.

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