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The Phase is over

The Phase is over

Gosh once that puttin it up in people’s phase really got going it really took off, I had people trying to put it up in my face, but it just didn’t take off.

So once it became really trendy, no one wanted to do it any more, so the phase died out, gosh that was quick.

It’s like by the time I figured out about the phase it ended or something, too bad, I was really looking forwward to the charm and the eloquence that went along with putting it up in someone’s face.

I was even more looking forward to having it done to Gangnam style, but since the phase is fast fading, I will just have to miss out on it, much to my regret, not.


Still and interesting phase, and an interesting time in human history. Here is the video again for those who missed it the first time, and to think that I thought that the first post was all that I would have time for today. 🙂

September 27, 2013 - Posted by | Gang Stalking

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