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Putting it up in their faces

Putting it in their face

Yes, not since the days of the movie, Whoops Apocolypse, has such a spiritual phase made so much sense, just put it in their face. Well the phase sounds interesting enough, I mean it could have been anything, Putting it in their face, yeah that’s right.

So you know me, I went off investigating, or something similar to that, the phase seems to mean what it actually means, it’s a phase of believe it or where people actually try to put their, lower anatomy, or genitelia, up in people’s faces, when they get angry at them. Don’t ask me how you actually do that in real life, because I can only imagine it would resemble a move from the psi video, Gangman style.

Anyways considering what I tought it was, well it something quite different, then isn’t it, it’s exactly what it sounds like. run for it in advance. So if anyone tries to put it up in your face, that is the litteral translation.

I am not off some people’s lists as well, because I just could not get with the program, and just put it up in their faces. Evendently this new phase, or trend will miss me, or something like that, but if you upset someone, or peeve them off, you get someone, trying to put it up in your face.

Blogging off for today, and that’s what kind of day it’s been, I kid you not.

Putting it up in their faces. You go!

Putting up right in your inbox, as close to the phase as I could get,

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