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A free internet

A Free internet
(I refuse to live in fear)

I do not want my financial institution to be policing the internet, or to be involved with such measures, the more I think about it, I am clear this is not the correct solution.

I have not started the petition yet, but someone has to, because this is not going to go well. If they can tell us, that we won’t get paid, until we are compliant with crazy measures, that don’t even make sense, or else or financial institutions, won’t pay us, this is a problem. This means that the search engines, and their advertisers are affected, facebook, for you facebook lovers out there, cause they do take micro payments do they not?

The conspiracy sites are affected, Youtube, because they are owned by google, Amazon is affected, and other book sellers, cause they will have to go along with these measures, wither they want to or not. I will say it again, I will reiterate it, I do not want my financial institutions, policing the internet, or determining the fate of the internet. This is unsuitable.

I want, and do want a future where children are safe, the vast majority of us do, but this is not the way to do it. Children need to be safe, but I do not want my financial institution policing the internet, I think the two solitudes are incompatible, and it’s an incorrect measure.

Parents, parent your children, use filters at home, for the internet there are not that many websites, that do direct to porn sites, also, who is to say that an innocent webmaster, or innocent websites won’t be caught up in this. Wikipedia, the next time they are collecting money, yeah that fund raiser you do, blocked, cause of explicit images. Remember the time, wikipedia was on their banned list. They tried to ban wikipedia because of an old album cover, with a naked girl on it from the 70’s, I do not want to see such websites, having to be compliant with silly measures.

As a webmaster, I do not want to be forced, or rather beholden to these measures, I can see that this will be problematic to the internet, and I find it interesting that the financial institutions, can come together for this measure, but not for so may other, worthier measures, that are vastly more important.

I am hoping you and everyone else will protest these specific measures in advance. Say yes to protecting children, and everyone else who uses the internet by all means, but say no to these measures, for they will do us no good.

It is hoped this latest development of a voluntary deal with credit card firms will tackle sites that let children see explicit images.

Explicit images, who will be determining that, a) what is an explicit image, we saw this before with wikipedia, and b) if a website was deliberate, vs accidental in exposing a child. This is the internet that we are talking about, and I do not want these crazy measures that we all dislike, and would never agree to, being forced through as a way to save children, having said that, expect a few horrific incidents, that enable us to know our place, and that make these measures, oh so timely, and oh so necessary, because this is how agenda’s get put through, when the public is either awake, or unwilling. If we prevent it now, and keep our vigilance, then it might work. Either way, I do not want my financial institutions, policing the internet.

How is work on internet 2 going. I want a free internet. Porn I do not surf, but if not porn, then it will be something else, the moment, we enable them to take our freedom, then it will be gone, and likely truly gone for good.

September 21, 2013 - Posted by | activism, Awareness

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