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Where do you file a request for the threat assessment file?

Where do you file a request for the threat assessment file? Thanks.

This was a question sent in from, endgangstalking.

Thank you for writing in. To request your files, follow the instructions, below.

Spiritual Files

If you have one, and are eligible to have your information or details, you can remotely request your spiritual files, and they can be sent.

There is a spiritual based, threat assessment office, the request is made remotely, and is voice activated. If you have a file, and are eligible, then you can request to have the file sent. Eg. You will verbally say, my name is such as such, (You do not have to say, your real name out loud.) you do need to have a unique identifier. Request your file, eg. I am making a verbal request, to see my threat assessment file.

Provided you are in an eligible situation, the files are sent to you, similar to making a virtual request, except you can see, and hear your files, in some cases, it’s interactive.

So just choose a comfortable place, and verbally request to see your files, if you have any, you might have to say it more than once, and the files get sent, usually within 24 hours.

Earth Files

The files can be requested in some cases by sending in a Freedom Of Information Act request, just to see if there are any threat assessment team files, that you are eligible to have access to. If there are, great, if not, then it’s something slightly different.

You can use the online program to request FOIA request files.


The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) gives you the right to access information from federal agencies. FOIAonline allows you to submit FOIA requests to all participating agencies from this website, track the status of requests, search for requests submitted by others, and generate up-to-the-minute reports on FOIA processing.

The files could be started via a former employer, through a local agency, etc even if it was an accidental run in, eg. Jane Clift and the local council that created a file on her.

Legal options, can also be reviewed, as was the case in Jane Clifts case.‎

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  1. Okay i hope this helps me get some closure

    Comment by madgirl | September 21, 2013 | Reply

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