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The Potential That Is Inside

The Potential That Is Inside

I love this video, it’s a kind of paying it forward type of video. It’s about this little kid, and he’s stealing pain killers or something to help out his mom, he get’s caught, it causes a scene, and a man assists him, by paying for what he was stealing, and gives him some vegetable soup.

Years later, the man has an accident, his daughter who was there the day the boy was stealing, is all grown up she can not pay the bill is worried and stressed, the doctor at the hospital, ends up paying the bill, and she is not clear as to why, the bill is something like 795,000 or something like that, and he says in the note, that shows a 0 balance, that the price was paid, it was paid for in advance, or something to that effect.

Also in the commercial, it seems as if the man, or gentleman, her father, has been providing free vegetable soup to strangers who need it, throughout the years. It is one of the best commercials, that I have seen, in years, and I thoroughly and deeply, enjoyed it.

The video is skater boy, and it reminds me of the potential, often seen, or rather not seen, the potential that is inside. I know some kids, and there potential was always there, but now it’s showing up more and more, to the kids in The Family Unit, here is to you, and your potential, it’s finally shining, through, but I knew it was there all along.

To the family unit, paying it forward, and potential, that is finally realized.

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