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Drug Resistant Bacteria, STD’s and other germs are here to stay

Drug Resistant Bacteria, STD’s and other germs are here to stay.

Don’t forget that there are many germs, diseases, STD’s out there, and while you are out in public, in private activities, and so forth, you need to be careful, and keep a breast of them. There are many things nowadays, just like in previous times, that do not need to be there, but that are out there.

They thing to be clear on at this moment is that Gonorrhea, is out there, and that it is being listed as drug resistant, now in most cases it is not fatal, can be a symptomatic in some cases, or it can be contagious in others, and leave behind nasty symptoms, which no one wants, or needs.

Gonorrhoea named urgent public health threat in U.S. as it becomes drug-resistant

Experts have warned antibiotics are becoming useless against diseases    They include superbug C-difficile and killer ‘nightmare’ bacteria CRE    Concerned experts warn we’re fast approaching ‘post-antibiotic era

‘The main reason for this article is to keep in mind, now that it is drug resistant, as are many STD’s, and other diseases, becoming drug resistant, you need to be eligible, to be in the correct, situations, and have the correct situations, happening to you. This means that if you are in a situation where you do pick up an STD, or other germ, try to alert those around you, when possible, feasible, or eligible. Use your best judgement. Also it’s now time to think about taking a holistic approach to healing is something that should be looked into. In most cases, the doctor, or health practitioner, or health care physician, heals you up today, or not you so much, as most other people, and then tomorrow, or the next day, they go and are back to the same actions, and activities, well this is what is causing, and this is what can only lead to drug resistant scenarios.

If I was doing health care, part of my revamp would be a holistic approach to healing, if you get a germ, disease, STD, or so forth, and were healed today, and arrived back with the same ailment, you would have to undergo some serious Q’ and A’ then you would have to agree to a holistic approach to healing, meaning significant life style change, or else we will all be back to the same exact scenario, and it’s not fair to those, who are in accordance with such standards, I know, that it does not sound fair, many individuals are adults, and they lead adult lives, and life styles, but let’s face it, bottom line, if you are getting a cure, treatment or anything else today, and running out and doing the exact same thing tomorrow, it’s not going to be beneficial, for yourselves, or the society at large.

My recommendation, moving forward, or future forward, is a holistic approach to healing, treatment only if life style change is conductive to it, and something should only be treated once, or maybe twice at the most, depending on the circumstances, I am clear that it sounds harsh, but if that is the way to get the situation, under control, hit the ground running, and create the proper, or correct scenarios, how many are willing to tighten, their belts and do so?

The reality, may or may not be here, you have to assume worst case scenario a little bit on this one, and live as if there were no cures, or treatment in sight, fortunately there still is in some cases, but if there were not, how would you live, how would you curtail it, how would you curtail this situation? How would you prevent the Zombie Apocalypse? That is all that I am saying, making mention of, just think about it.

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