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Classless Losers

Classless Losers

I have to give props to the village idiot so called inbreds, who brought a low class, common prostitute into their midst, in fact into everyone’s midst. Congratulations, I did not think that it was possible.

The non charity attending prostitute, is literally the most disgusting thing, that I have ever remotely come across, if I can keep my food down it will be amazing.

The creature that they brought into specific situations, get’s onto it’s knees at the drop of a hat, is literally will to perform oral sexual acts on, animals, vegetable, or mineral at a moments, notice. Men, women, and underage children are included in that package? No problem for that creature.

They perform ceremonies that do not make sense, except that they involve molesting underage children, who they put through hell for years, wipe their memories, and introduce them into the worst situations. The information has been forwarded to the correct sources, but it’s nothing that was not, already out there online, irregardless.

This classless prostitute that they literally brought into their midst, is out in public waving to people, and behind the scenes, remotely, doing things, I can not even describe, if you were not interested in having a husband, you should have had a wife, cause that seems to be the bulk, and focus of your oral fixations, you are a seriously gross b*tch, that does not even makes, sense, defies logic, and is a picture of Dorian Gray, waiting to happen. You are not only a dirty, literal prostitute that was brought into people’s midst, and I mean decent people, but you are truly, the dirtiest thing I have ever arrived across remotely, and as a Target, I have been stalked by so low bread, bitches, that do not even make any sense. The creatures that brought you, this low bread dirty, thing into decent people lives, could not, and were not anything decent to begin with, that the only way they could be around something that low, and dirty, and I do mean dirty. I wish I could give you a tabulation of the filth, and the nastiness I have now come across remotely, in the course of my investigation, dirty, dirty, nasty, filthy, disgusting. One face in public, and another situation behind the scenes, I would not leave a dog with this creature, much less a child, and both are in this creatures, possession.

I have lived a time on the earth, but anything that harbours that little dirty, plastic, creature, could not be the correct things, and in fact were not, only the coldest, bitches on the face of the planet, could blankly sit and endure that type of creature, dirty, that girl is dirty, period.

I am a professional, or at least  am suppose to be, I would not do such a post, unless it were absolutely impossible to not, that girl is dirty, filthy, and should not be in any situation, amongst decent human beings, but honestly amongst, anyone or anything decent. A curse is there in advance, to the filthy family that literally brought that piece of trash, into any sort of situation, whatsoever, the fine tooth process, that would have prevented it was not in place, and I have had enough. Filth like that can not even be imagine, dealt with, or envisioned. I have come across some things in the years of investigation, but dirty, dirty like that, Karla Homolka, I apologize, I use to think that you were not the correct sort, but in comparison, you come across as credible. I use to think, I could not find a person I disliked at one point, more than Karla, cause of her horrific actions, but now I find that I owe her an apology, because I have now found someone with completely dirty actions, ways, mannerisms, situations, that I can not even mention.

What I can do in this life, is forward, what can be forwarded , and hope that their is enough life, and light in this world, also enough power for someone to action, the information forwarded. I have found a creature, and creatures, that make Karla Homolka look light, that is so dirty, the situation, can not get clean, that is literally nasty, will never in this lifetime do enough charitable deeds to enable me to forget, how filthy this creature is.

Also to the creatures, that enabled this creature to be anywhere near my specific realm over the last little while, discontinue, I thought I had the nastiest creatures, monitoring me, due to the Gang Stalking, and targeting, but Gosh, I was incorrect, there is nastier out there, there, hope does spring eternal.

That is all I can make mention on the topic, I wish I could say more, but I can not, but if there is any justice in this world, the next generation, will not have to go through, anymore Seville Scandles.


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  1. Does this mean you are a green perp now?

    Comment by Jeremy Cline | September 19, 2013 | Reply

    • A green perp, what? Did we read the same article.

      Comment by gangstalking | September 19, 2013 | Reply

      • It’s probably a perp responding. I can tell. I’m glad you’re back. I haven’t read your blog in a long time and when you came back, I wasn’t sure it was you. So I’ve been waiting and watching. I think I finally believe you’re for real.

        Comment by neverending1 | September 20, 2013

  2. i feel sorry for you canadians unable too beat one brit,you have to keep in mind i am from a much smarter land then you and all my people are the same as me ,brits,still you have to help your half breed people don,t you goofers of the north.csis retards rule canada

    Comment by sam i am | September 30, 2013 | Reply

    • That’s a lot of information for one post, for details mentioned, and not mentioned.

      Comment by gangstalking | October 1, 2013 | Reply

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