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CRAIGLIST. When it’s yours

CRAIGLIST. When it’s yours
(An internet Classic)

Craig Newmark began the service in 1995 as an email distribution list of friends, featuring local events in the San Francisco Bay Area, before becoming a web-based service in 1996 and expanding into other classified categories. It started expanding to other U.S. cities in 2000, and currently covers 50 countries.

He has worked hard to create an industry and the portion that he owns, should be eligible to be in the correct situations doing the correct things,

What I remember about Criagslist is this, remember a few years ago, when that whole crazy story about the Craigslist killer came out, and it seemed, you know weirder than it had to be? Well this is what I recall, or remember.

He had worked hard to create the website, you know, just a site for a few friends, advertising, then it became a community effort, and people started using it, they even offered those free ads, I use to love posting their, my small business ads, or gang stalking ads use to be there, it’s one of the few places, that would let you post in peace, without too much worry. I use to love my Craiglist ads.

Then I recall the day I thought they were going to try to take over Craiglist, it was the worst day, cause Craiglist was one of the few free places you could post, and you could post free, meaning, without restraint, well within reason. Posting the way the internet was meant to be, free flow of information. That’s the way it was meant to be.

The big guys, they always want to take over the small guys, and he was going to have to fight to save it. At some point they were going to try to take some kind of ownership in the company, cause that’s how they function. If you have something nice something suitable, and it arrives through, without them taking it over first, or destroying it, then they are still going to try to take it over or destroy it. They will just do it .

This is what I am clear on to own anything in this world you have to do it a specific way, and if you do get through, owning your iitems, become wealthy enough, then you have to find a way to secure them, not just secure them for yourself, but for others.

You have to do it in a way that makes sense, not just for you, but for others. They will always want your stuff, even if it’s a penny, even if it’s a dime, even if it’s a french fry, as long as it’s yours, your stuff, they are going to want it, and they will do a vast deal to get it. If they have to and everything else fails, every other dirty dealing under the sun,

Secure what can be secured, watch out for the big guys, before, during and after, cause as small as your company is, initiative, there is too often someone in the shadows, paying attention, and if that initiative takes off, they will congratulate you, like they mean it, but they won’t.

If you can recall all that, you might be ok. Either way, look after you can yours.

Take care.

September 10, 2013 - Posted by | Gang Stalking

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