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A few paragraphs from The World Of The Royal Queen

The Royal Queen   (A Black and White Queen, all in one.)  Not the Queen of Sheba, or Queen Charlotte either, but The Royal Queen.

It’s interesting reading.

Sending and Receiving

This is where people go to arrive, or to depart.

When they are arriving on the earth they are in sending, because they are being sent on the face of the planet to be born, when they are arriving back spiritually they are in receiving, it’s the only situation that suitably makes sense.

When The Royal Queen discovered sending and receiving, the line up was so long it didn’t even make sense. People from a century ago, and in advance were still waiting in the sending and receiving line up. There was no food or drink, there was nothing, just people waiting in line.

Some still had the exact same injuries that they had when they exited Earth, as it was called at the time. By the time they arrived at the desk, which had just one person working there, it was almost time to go back into the sending line again, and time for their next existence, that is until The Royal Queen arrived on site, and changed that.

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