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When The Stuff Hit’s The Fan 2

When the stuff hits the fan

Go ahead we will be there in advance. You know what, if the world was going to be in the incorrect situation, doing the incorrect thing.

No body ever thinks it’s weird that they are invading, every Middle Eastern Country? You don’t find it weird? I mean it’s been rumored that Caribbean Islands were taken over years ago, and now it seems the invasion of Middle Eastern countries are there, but do you ever see the West as the invaders?

All I am thinking about is the article from the other day, invoked, evoked emotions, and the comments, everyone was finally making comments, about how they are going to have people being Manchurian Candidates, or worst, but what if it’s already happening, not Manchurian Candidates, but let’s say the take over of humanity was already ongoing in the foreground, meaning the background. It’not as if I have not been blogging about The Robot Sentient Research Project for some time.

Basically to summarize, if you can remotely be manipulated, what is to stop them from doing a version of FEMA CAMPS to all of humanity, rounding them up behind the scene, molesting, beating them, destroying them, and when there wills are all broken, they would be all like, ah, you are free to go now, cause anything they do to humanity at that stage is just gravy at that moment.

Something to think about, we now know the technology exists, is it possible it’s being used, in advance, and such a situation could exist.

By Ellie Zolfagharifard
28 August 2013

September 7, 2013 - Posted by | activism, Gang Stalking |

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