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The End Of An Era

The End Of An Era

The incandecent light bulb, they are going, and being faded out as you know, I always hoped they would come back, when this first started, I use to think, but those other lights, don’t they make some people sick, and aren’t they more dangerous to dispose of?
Do you save in the short term only to lose in the long term, and once the incandecents are gone, will technology such as that ever exist again, or will it be, whoops, did you need that womb?

I thought we would never allow it to happen, I thought there was a commitee working on saving the lightbulbs, but I finally took a moment from my harassment as a Targeted Individual, a moment from taking over the world, only to discover that maybe everything else would be here, but not those light, and I liked those lights so very well.

Soft white light, vs the ugly yellow. Not all of the new lights reflect yellow, but I still don’t trust them. I am one of the few that never converted over, to the new ones, and now within the next few years the old ones are going to be gone. Such a disappointment.

Sometimes I am convinced that governments and others, can just come up with an objective, and the people will just go along with it. How can we get them to accept those ugly lights, that are harder to dispose of, just paint them as more energy efficient, they will start using them, fade out the old ones, and voila. Cause which population, would ever willingly give up the old soft white light, for these once. Us a population, us a people.

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