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Royal Queen Support Services System

The Royal Queen Support Services System is a universal HELP ME GRID.

The item works in conjunction with The Royal Queen’s additional situations. Works with the Help Me Grid, (also known as, R.Q.S.S.S.) The HELP ME GRID is a universal support, services, system, that provides assistance, across a wide spectrum, the GRID is activated, by simply saying  HELP ME, or HELP ME YES, HELP ME YES, File a report.

The HELP ME GRID is efficient. Works with The Royal Order, and also emergency, medical and other services. The system also works in conjunction with community planning and implementation strategies implemented, by, The Royal Queen, Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey.  Thus why the community adviser roles are so important.

The system also works in accordance with a mandate called Bill 184, includes, all prior mandates of Removal from outcomes, and all new mandates. All fees, fines, and penalties, eligible under that Bill.

The system is automated so there is always someone there to take reports, and hopefully assists when needed.

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