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A Royal Rewedding

A Royal Rewedding?

Is it the actual situation, or could I possibly have imagined, it, or is it just possible, that Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess Of York, and Prince Andrew, The Duke Of York, may possibly, be rekindling their romance, and possibly getting remarried. Now I know it’s early day’s yet, mind you, but they have been reportedly spotted, together. Are hopes of a Royal Rewedding in the works?

It’s possible, and if it is, I for one am personally happy for them. Because it good to mean, it could possibly mean, that love, nah true romance, could still possibly exist. Sarah Duchess of York as you know, was suitable friends with Princess Diana of Wales at one point.

According to the article, they are said to have been living together on and off, for all these years, and have raised up their children, the children of their union.

Well if that be the case, I am happy for them if it’s the case, and even if it’s not the case, it’s nice to think they have remained friends, and that’s all that could be confirmed or denied at this moment.

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