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Percy Jackson. Sea Of Monsters

Percy Jackson and the lighting rod thief


This is an excellent movie. I watched it loved it, and was so looking forward to to part 2. I found the movie to be so realistic. It could almost be real, I genuenly cared for it, the movie arrived in 2010, and it’s about 3 years later for the sequal, but I hope it will be worth it. I have not had a chance to see part two, but it’s out now. It was out in theatres

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

I have waited some time to see this movie, I am hoping part two will be just as epic, and equally as enjoyable as part one. I think we can all see a little bit of our history, and heritage in these movies.

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Ending and intimate situation

Destroying The Internet.
To the victor goes the spoils.

The internet assures me that the original quote was from 1832, and it was an American general of some sort, but I have this feeling, that it is not. I had a book of quotes, a book of quotes, that I loved, I loved that book of quotes, but it’s not in my presence, and without it, I can’t be sure if that was the original quote, I think it must go back to ancient Greek or Roman times, if not Egyptian times. To the victor, has always gone the spoils, Trojan War, anything, work with me here, but at this moment, I am striving in vein in regards to that, but on the other hand, did anyone else notice the destruction of the internet?

Oh I just thought I might just bring it up, in between trying to take over the world, and my other duties, I just noticed that the internet is either destroyed in advance, or just about. It’s been about a week, or the last few day, but the google algorithm is not what it should be, and I mean it not what it should be. I wish I was the drinking type at this moment, but I am not, but I am the clear type, and this is the situation.

If they took the internet offline, we would be there out in the streets, protesting, we could not do our regular internet, social media protesting, and we would be clear that the internet was not there. So let’s say they can’t do that, and the DRMA-Digital Rights Mellenium Act, or whatever it was they used to take down those websites it there. They took down the websites with those, DSM notices or whatever. Then there was the war on internet terror, recall that one, is that still ongoing?

Then get rid of the algorithms, and some of the websites that were going to make sense, insure that you have control, or access to the rest, and then you have a raped, watered down internet that will not make sense to those from a generation ago that recall it. When I search nowadays, within the last few days it’s different, I am clear that it’s different, it’s different to the stage it will not make sense, but it’s still there isn’t it? If most of what we do is searching, and what we are searching for now brings up, Wikipedia, yeah, nothing wrong with Wikipedia, but the searches now, Wikipedia here, your favorite social media sites there, and then I have to go through pages, and pages, to try to get access to the real, the actual information that I actually want. Also the information is starting to not be there, but it does not make sense. The search engine is not the same, I am clear on that. I am also watching websites being suppressed, more than they were before, there was always suppression, let’s face, it, I am practically intimate with the internet, much like most people who are on here, blogging, typing, searching, what have you, and when the internet changes, it does make a sound, like when a tree falls in the forest, but we were around to hear it, weren’t we. I keep thinking it’s going to go back to normal, but it’s not. Google is not the same, I am clear, the other two search engines, feel slightly different, but I am unclear.

So they could not take down the internet, but they could water it down to the stage, that the next generation will be functionally illiterate, and what they search for, will not make sense, oh it’s on Wikipedia, must be the truth then, or oh let’s go with this popular social media link that they are directing us to. I feel undelighted about the whole thing, however the situation is here, and I just thought I should bring it to your attention.

Happy searching, blogging, interneting, whatever you do, if it’s you and yours.



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The Royalty

The Loyalty, and The Royalty, should be together as one.

The RoyaltyThe Royalty is the official coin of The Royal Queen, and it is also the official coin of The Royal Queen Authority Financial System. These items were created by The Royal Queen, Royal Queen Georgia Marie Bailey. It’s considered legal tender in some circles, and is based on a gold standard.

This is a repost from and

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