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Leak This

Setting an example.
Leak This.

You just gave Bradley Manning a 35 year sentence, and you think that you are setting an example? The example that you are setting is similar to facebook and the example they just set the other day, for the young man who tried to warn them about a vulnerability at his own risk, and failing to pay attention to the warning he was making, he hacked in to show the vulnerability, and saved some facebook users, the embarrassment, and horror, of having strangers and their posts show up on their walls, for that, he is a pariah to them, and he also to this date, did not get his $500., oh yes indeed, they set an example and so did you. Horrid.

Bradley Manning, sent off some documents, which needed to be sent off, and for this it’s 35 yesrs, your making an example of him, if he is allowed to be made an example of, it could be any one of us. There has to be a method where situations, can be revealed, not by their official leakers, cause they do have those, those people they use to leak information, when the public for some reaseon have not caught on, and they even, they need to get the infornation out there.

You wonder why no one wants to leak anything anymore? It’s because you pull bs like this, and put a Bradley Manning in jail, brig for 35 years, are you serious, this is an example that I will recocognizant, you are not nice individuals, and I am forever in debt to the situation, that has finally shown me that, you are not nice individuals. You are another facebook example, and one that should be recalled to mind.

Also I notice that Julian Assange has not served any time for this, because it was the Wikileaks website that leaked it, but no, A Bradley Manning is to do 35 years. Now keep in mind, I don’t know Bradley, but the time seems to be a bit too much, 3 years from now, if we review this case, I think we will think it’s too much, and protest them, so let’s quietly, and moralistically protest this ok.

I am leaking this, I am leaking the fact that you are just not nice people, and sometimes, you just don’t do the correct things, also you do the meanest things, at times. There, I am leaking this today.

You are not a nice persons, at times, you should look into that. Leak This, I just did.

Now come Bradley Manning us if you want to.

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