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I’d tap that.

I’d tap that, but I really wouldn’t. The new service was sprung on me the other day, I was at the store, and they were like, would you like to tap that? And I was like ok, but not that I have seen that in action, I really wouldn’t want to tap that. In fact I think it’s dangerous, cause you know, you could sense the after tap in the air, and I am thinking, if it’s that easy to tap that, then couldn’t other tap it the same way, pretending to be you, or you to be them?

The interact tap feature, does not seem to be the correct thing to me, so no I would not tap that. Cause think about it, you copy someone’s card, or just the tap feature, suddenly you are showing up as them, and them as you. No I would not like to tap that, and I am not sure that anyone else would like to tap that either.

Now what’s the polite, way to call you bank up, and explain, that you don’t want to tap that? I mean it’s not like I am paying for the feature, but maybe i should be?

Facial Recognition for payments, really?

PayPal using ‘risky’ facial recognition for high street payments
A technical director at SecurEnvoy has hit out at the scheme and said it leaves users at risk

By Antony Savvas | Computerworld UK | Published: 10:47, 12 August 2013

For me personally, I don’t want to tap that either, what if you have a twin sister, or brother someone who resembles you to a tee? What about underage minor children. What about when the money goes missing from your account or visa? Paypal sometimes can take a few months to work out online disputes, like when you do a transaction, and they question the payment, well what if it’s your bank, account, or visa? I mean that would be a problem no? I just unhooked, I don’t mind hooking it up, or being attached, but not that attached. I mean it’s not like we are engaged or anything is it? Revoking that order.

Mr Facebook.

Marc Zukerburg wants to connect the world, and knowing his track record he just might? That’s what they said on the news, but what is his track record? Do I really want him at the realm, or rather helm of all this, or that, and what would be the plot in the background. We just want the world connected, .com, look into it? I mean there is always a plot when it comes to something like this. It sounds like something IBM would dream up, but using facebook as the front runner.

Either way it’s the most interesting time in human history. And the whole time I am typing, or tapping that on the keyboards, I just keep thinking, it they only had the unique identifier system, the whole thing would be a lot easier, and it would solve the first two problems, if not all three, but the situation is as it is, or rather is as it seems, so no, I won’t be tapping that, but I did type up this article, and now I am out of here. See ya later. Super Khawahi. 🙂

It’s Bananas
(Holla Back) [’’%5D

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