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They didn’t even say Thank You

Why I love Facebook

They bearly even said thank you. Did they even say thank you? I wonder if they wanted the backdoor? Then again it’s rumoured that the military keeps a back door for the Internet, since they created it in the first place, that is likely.

They didn’t even say thank you, they are not paying him the $500, and he will be lucky if he does not end up on a watch list. A suitable company, would likely have hired this kid, or at least said thanks, minimum given him the money. Instead it’s this. This story just emotionally broke me a little bit, and very little, if anything breaks me.

The ingratitude is a bit too much. If the facebook community are any kind of people, I hope that they will send him facebook credits, or facebook coins, or whatever they are using on that site.

Much like many other internet users, I am Not a facebook user, but I appriciate that they do have a large community, and there community needs to have their privacy protected. This young man moved to protect the community, and now he is likely to be on a watch list more than anything. Keep in mind the article does not mention a watch list at all, but if you know how things function behind the scenes, and how these large companies function, that is likley to be his senario.

However, instead of repairing the obvious security breach, Facebook replied to Shreateh by saying the issue ‘was not a bug.’

Undeterred, Shreateh used the glitch to hack his way onto Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook page.

‘Sorry for breaking your privacy,’ he wrote in a since removed post to Zuckerberg, ‘I had no other choice…after all the reports I sent to Facebook team.’

Hopefully this will go better for this young man in future, I just think some individuals are jerks.

I just don’t want to see this young man become a Targeted Individual without reason, cause that’s what companies do, for a situation like this, instead of saying thanks, they open up a threat assessment team file. (In some cases)  Just wonderful.

*Prior to my awareness of Threat Assessment Team files, and how some companies function, I would have likely tried to advise of the vulnerability, and contacted them a few times, some companies also open files for something that simple. Excessive contact, a possible threat.


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