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Running towards Freedom

The Cutest Story, picking up a neighbors kid

So there is a political figure and I won’t say who, he is a Montreal style politician, even though, he’s recently in Ottawa. He’s recently in office, so he does the cutest thing, he has his neighbours kids staying over, and the kids are so excited to stay over, he goes to pick up the little girl, and they live within a heir’s breath from each other, and so she is like at home, and she’s about to have a bath, and she thinks she can have a bath next door, so she streaks, and I do mean streaks, to the next door neighbours, house in her birthday suit, and she shrieks, running, runing, towards, freedom, it’s the cutest thing ever, it’s like back to a previous time, you know, when things were more innocent, Oh I wish I could live in such times, and in such moments. Anyways it was the cutest thing.

So then he recalls the whole situation, and he thinking hope the young lady wasn’t caught on the CCTV cameras, cause what must they be thinking, and he’s like at least next time, use a bath robe or something, but he’s got this cute french accent, and it was just one of those moments, the cutest thing, where innocence can survive, I think the young girl is about 10 or so about now,

So it’s just a cute moment, and I remember it cause, let’s just say a little frequency told me, it’s cute, and then all the other children, were calling in a way to tell tales of their best streaking stories, and I think it must have been nations streaking day, but I don’t want to be boring, but should streaking still be eligible.

Back in the day you could, but in today society, a young man called in, and they honestly wanted to put him into social services for his streaking, but he explained you know, his mom’s not there, and the one thing he could do for her is the streaking, the one thing he could do to show he was going to have fun, to live, even if she could not, was the streaking, he did it, and it was funny, but then they thought he was odd, I think it would have been odd to not be streaking, so what do you think/

Anyways, it’s nice to see that innocence, innocence is what we are working towards, and it can still exist, or that it can still exist.


*The child either said running towards hope, or freedom, I think the child was using the line from the movie the village.

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