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Kate not a princess, but liked by some

In truth Kate Middleton is not a princess. I think it’s often confusing for those not familiar with the Monarchy and how the whole situation works.

The Palace Said She Wasn’t A Princess. So Why Does William Say She Is?

One question now remains to be answered: Is the description of Kate as a Princess a statement of intent by William reasserting his rights – or just a bad case of baby brain?

The title of princess, is afforded to Brides of Prince’s of the U.K., and Wales in this case, manner, capacity, and regard. They are eligible to utilize their husbands, titles. Such as if Harry, little Harry, get’s married someday, his wife will be, or should be Princess, Henry of Wales. Although likely to be called Princess Harry. Yet the young person in question, would not officially, be a princess, though, the world, and the nation, may in warm, capacity, mannerism, and regard, view her as such.

That’s why the situation was so crazy with Princess Diana, (Keep in mind, I will always regard her as a princess, no matter what.) Upon divorcing, the ladies that marry into these situations, have to be very clear on exactly the titles, and statues that they are marrying into, and which statues, titles, and so forth they can leave with, if any.

A duchess, and one day a queen, but a princess Kate will never be

The commoner Kate Middleton may have married a prince, but she’s destined to be Princess William of Wales — not a princess in her own right — unless her new husband’s grandmother is feeling generous.

Postmedia News April 29, 2011

The accident arrived recently, when someone at the hospital, or possibly William, actually deemed Catherine a Princess, though she can freely use his title, she is not considered a princess in truth, and will not be, unless the title was created for her. The situation with that would be she would then either jump ahead of blood princess such as Prince Andrew’s two daughters, and several other members of the Monarchy in the order of precedence. Also if a title were created for Catherine, would one not have to be created for Camilla, because she is the wife of a senior member? Charles may not wish to have his wife, lower in the order of precedence.

When Lady Diana Spencer married the Prince of Wales, she became The Princess of Wales — but not Princess Diana. Likewise, Sarah Ferguson did not become Princess Sarah upon her marriage to Prince Andrew — she became the Her Royal Highness Duchess of York. And after her divorce, since the title was hers by marriage and not by birth, she is no longer a duchess or an HRH, though she continues to be Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York.


If a title is created for Camilla and it was not created for Diana, Sarah, or even Sophie, will it really be created for Camilla, ergo, Kate, so that everyone can feel better about themselves? Maybe, but it’s not as likely, so the clarification, really should be made by the palace, as it leaves everyone in limbo. Also I thought you had to apply to such situations, in advance, of marrying in, but maybe that is not the rule. Then there are just so many rules that have been broken, lately.

she is not a Princess in her own right.

Instead, she would become HRH Princess William of Wales, in the same vein as Princess Michael of Kent.

When Camilla Parker Bowles married the Prince of Wales in 2005, she became the Duchess of Cornwall, rather than the Princess of Wales.

She is technically the Princess of Wales, but chose not to use this title given its associations with Diana.

The whole situation, should be formally clarified by the palace, because it’s a situation that also requires, legal clarification, if such a change was going to go forward, there are documents attached to such changes, at least I think so, but what could the peasant class such as myself cognizant of such. 🙂

Either way it is the most interesting time in human history, if you have any questions, read the article from the gazette, it came out a few years ago, before any of these questions, could even arrive to light.

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