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Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World


Charles HRH The Prince of Wales

I just came across this item, it’s a book written by Prince Charles, but it’s not even that he has written a book, he has written a book, on a content that is most suitable, a subject after my own heart, it’s about being on in harmony with nature, it is the exact topic, of a book I had hoped he would one day compose.

Paperback $14.88

I recall I was online, it was some years ago then, and they had written an article, saying that he was a bit odd, that he was the type to talk to trees, and how they found it odd, but I recall thinking, Avitar the movie was popular back then, and in that movie, they are talking to nature, in fact they are one with nature, that is the context, that he was convaying, but I recall the article, to me it seemed somewhat condecending, and it seemed somewhat moking, and I recall thinking, is this not exactly what people are going on about, when they see the movie Avitar? It’s a film that was written, by James Cameron.

This is the article, it was from a few years back, and I recall it, cause it came across as somewhat mocking, and they were saying he was potty for it, but I just thought, maybe we need more sort such as this, being in tune with nature. If I can’t vouch for anything else, then this aspect of him, seems most suitable to me.

Charles ‘talks to trees and plants’

The Prince of Wales has attacked critics who refer to him as a “potty” royal but has admitted he talks to trees and plants as if they were his children.

In a candid interview for a BBC documentary, Prince Charles dismisses suggestions he is “loony” but confesses to lying on the floor at his Highgrove home to eavesdrop on visitors.

He tells the presenter, “I got a lot of flak for a lot of things. I mean, bewildered, frankly, as though you were doing something positively evil. I mean potty this, and potty that, loony this and loony that.”

That was what they wrote in the article, but now he has written a book, just the sort that ought to be written, about nature, and out need to be one with nature, and to pay better attention. I have not had a chance to get a copy yet, but I would very much like to read it, here is the sort summary from and a review, of the book in question.

Release date: June 26, 2012 | ISBN-10: 0061731358

For the first time, His Royal Highness Charles, the Prince of Wales, shares his views on how mankind’s most pressing modern challenges are rooted in our disharmony with nature. In the vein of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth and Van Jones’ Green Collar Economy, Prince Charles presents the compelling case that solutions to our most dire crises—from climate change to poverty—lie in regaining a balance with the world around us.

Editorial Reviews
From the Back Cover

HRH The Prince of Wales reveals how the solutions to our most pressing modern challenges, from climate change to poverty, can only be found in regaining a balance with nature.

For decades, The Prince of Wales has studied a wide array of disciplines in his quest to understand how modern industrialization has led us to a state of disharmony with the world around us and pushed us to the very brink of disaster. Now, Prince Charles shows how we can effectively combat such global crises as climate change and poverty by not only relying upon technology but also by changing the way we view the modern world.

With its holistic approach, this provocative and well-reasoned book takes the discussion of sustainability and climate change in a new direction, incorporating the traditional wisdom of our past with the modern science of our present to create a new vision for our world. Illustrated with vivid photographs and charts, this intelligent, practical, and illuminating guide is not only a call to arms in defense of our future but also a powerful weapon in the battle to save our planet.

About the Author

The Prince of Wales has used his unique position to make a difference throughout the world, establishing numerous charities and public interests, and organizing The Prince’s Rainforests Project to combat deforestation and global warming.

A brilliant thinker and visionary November 12, 2010
By Wendy Victor

The author, often maligned and trivialized by the press, shows himself here to be a serious thinker, writer, historian and visionary. I believe he is the best product of the British monarchy to emerge in the past two hundred years.

His book clearly analyzes the root causes of our separation from a state of harmony, and predicts the consequences of this estrangement from the natural world. Widely read himself, he interjects his personal thoughts and opinions into the narrative, thereby creating an informal approach to what could have been a dry text.

I love this book. lt inspires me to do the right thing, to pay attention not only to our built environment but also to keep trying to connect my spirit to my actions.

I can say I am glad to see that he did go on to write a book, and deliver those critics a destiny, I think with the authorship, he has justified his philosophy, and clarified himself, and his views on nature, harmonic content, with life and nature.

If you have a chance, maybe pick up a copy from Amazon, and if you do read it, let me know what you think of it.

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