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Emma Sayle, Killing Kittens

I was doing some research, and just trying to figure out the outcome of the investigation into a figure called Emma Sayles, she was allegedly being investigated for sex parties that she was having, she use to run a website called killing kittens, and they were double checking that her house, her home was not being used for commercial purposes. That the sex parties, at what she described as a private members club, was just that, and not something slightly different, I am just wondering what the outcome of that was.

Miss Sayle, who attended Downe House boarding school with Prince Michael of Kent’s daughter Gabriella Windsor, was the subject of a London council investigation earlier this year over claims her Killing Kittens firm used a £30million house for sex parties

The concern is ofcourse, a private members club, where woman can be as sexually explicit as they want, is one thing, even if alleged orgies were happening, that’s her business, but the implication in the articles, is that the situation was being used for commercial purposes, and that it may have been something slightly different. Even that some camera phone images might have gotten out, and that she is or was at one point being investigated.

Emma Sayle is also credited with starting a group called the sisterhood, she seems to be an interesting character. Some sort of charitable organization was mentioned as well in the article.

Sex parties, orgies, and other situations that are a little bit more mature  are not my cup of tea, but they might be someone else’s, my other concern or question is, are the individuals that use to attend these parties, being investigated as well, either. I mean if the sex parties, orgies, or killing kittens situation, turned out to be more commercial, then private, and I am sure the investigation clarified this, were the others implicated, in the happenings, either the men or the women? Was there any threat of them being investigated also, or even charged, for participation into these sorts of situations?

Somedays, I am glad, that I lead such a boring staid little life. 🙂

OK, lets first talk about Emma Sayle. First and for most, She owns and run a sex club in London called “”Killing Kittens” and the Sisterhood rowing charity and this woman is a media whore! And not very pleasant person to be frank.

“These parties turn into mass orgies – they’re big sex parties – and it’s a case of 50 per cent of the people that come along do take clothes off, and the other 50 per cent just come along for a good party and keep their clothes on.”;wap2

Emma Sayle is in NO way a “madam.” A madam runs a brothel, which by definition is a place where men pay to have quickie sex with a prostitute. Killing Kittens is a members club which organizes sex parties for people who are interested in that kind of thing.

Link to Killing Kittens. (I don’t recommend anyone under the age of 18 clicking the link):

(If the website is still active, I am over 18, but not sure I will brave clicking on the link, bit of a prude at times. 🙂

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