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Handmaids Tail

Till it bleeds, cause it’s already bleed

I have a tale to tell, it’s one I recently came across, and it’s a good one, old testament epic tale. The person in this situation is this sort, this is the sort that takes care of themselves, doesn’t use drugs, alcohol, or anything. The person in the situation takes care of themselves, and has for over 25-35 somewhat years.

It’s one of those types, stayed single, dated very rarely, kept it clean, really clean, you know the type that does the correct thing, and feels like there will be some pay off at the end for doing something good.

It’s so happens however it came about, this person has some of the correct type of DNA these specific individuals in the situation what, a prominent family, you know that type, that sort.

However it came about, them and several others, according to what they are saying have been using the persons DNA, and spiritual situations, ethric levels for a period of 1.5-2.0 years,

Apparently they were doing experimental new procedures, so what they did to the person at the ethric level, is aquine to using the person as a handmaid without their permission, like using them as a surrogate, but without consent. That portion of it is either the truth,

Now keep in mind, this is that type that kept it clean, doesn’t have any biological kids, likely has legions spiritually, and will likely be the adoptive parents of legions more, at some point, it’s the type that likes kids, probably wants, or wanted to have a couple.

Either way the situation goes, this prominent family, and some others, had access to this persons genetic material, and used it to enable, several of their children, or daughters to become impregnated, isn’t that wonderful, the beauty, wonder of it all.

Through no fault of the persons own, this person, without permission, had their situations used, and somehow, at the ethric level, without the persons consent, the situation was used to enable these individuals, to continue their lines, their kin, their kind, all without the persons permission.

Now the person first found out about the situation via channels, when one of these lovely, lovely individuals in the situation from said prominent families approached them and advised, that via a remote experimental program, without your consent, they were enabled to have a child. ‘Basically it’s sort of like using a friend, or family member as a surrogate, but using a complete, stranger’.

Yeah we had the technology to do this remotely, now me and a few others just need your consent to enable you a suitable fertile person, to show up as barren, yeah, you know, we used your genetic material to continue our lines, our situation, and now we don’t want you, to have your own. Cognizant, you get it. So you good.

Apparently for some reason, the person in the situation wasn’t a good with the drug addicted, alcoholic, with health related issues, that prevented her getting pregnant in the first place, using her situations to become pregnant, second the person in the situation wasn’t really good with the thought or concept of not having children for the rest of their existences, because the person wanted to keep the whole thing hidden.

I am not clear on the whole procedure, it’s done remotely, and it works for people with health related issues, but regardless, you use someones situations, to apparently remotely get yourself to continue life, and then you want to cut off, someone who has kept themselves in the correct situations, from bearing their own. It’s apparently not going to be a good idea, concept or look, on any planet, continent, or place that I have ever hear of, much less someone advising they used someone as their remote surrogate, in some way shape or form, assuming that such a thing is possible. But then you have the audacity to want to discontinue their chance and capacity to continue with their own lives, and their own lineage in the traditional sense of the word, now I am not clear how these individuals grow up, or function, but in any time period, it’s not going to be that type of situation.

Now I am not clear if such things could occur remotely, or not, if things like the robot sentient research project, can do such things, it sounds fantastical to me, except that the person is one of a few that had advised this is the case, and does have a child born within let’s say the last little while.

Irregardless, this little gutter snipe, that someone out there raised, and I think mayhaps should have advised, this is not the way to do things, it’s simply not done, decided to go ahead and do such, and smilingly advised the person they did it to.

Then when the person gave their much needed and over due feedback, as to what they thought of the whole thing, the young lady went on to advise, it’s going to be this sort of situation, she want to discontinue the other persons chances to give life, after using their resources. Most people in most countries, that I am familiar with, would honestly just of threw the unsuitable individual out, the person remained polite, and I do mean polite, till it bleed, till it bleeds, because it’s impossible to believe that such things are ongoing.

The part that is also ineligible, is that the person has a prominent family member, he feels that if the person in the situation, you know, the original person, who’s situations were apparently used, does not like it, and is not willing to be ineligible, that prominent member feels that that person should not be existing on the face of the planet, if they are not willing to go along with it.

So in summary, the person saved up all the good stuff, hoping to have a life of their own someday, stayed away from the vices of the world, cause aren’t you suppose to be in those situations, the other one, or ones did all the correct things, used the drugs, alcohol, std’s that will get you into the correct situations doing the correct things, couldn’t have children of their own, used the girls items, and now want her to show up as some, bent over, broken, backwards, bitch, or be ineligible to exist. That’s doesn’t sound fair to me, or eligible, but that’s the information I have come across, and it’s from a pretty reliable source.

Be recall from the person freaking existence, or go along with something so disgustingly obscure, or obsence, so obscene, it does not even make sense, but it makes sense to them. I watched this movie years ago, something called the handmaids tale, where they use these women, and they basically place them into the incorrect situations, doing the incorrect things, meaning they just use them, they bread for others, but in the movie, I don’t think they ever get to breed for themselves, they bring life for others, but never for themselves, I hated that movie, hated, fully, I thought if the world ever becomes like that, that’s the day, well that’s the day it wouldn’t be the correct thing, what we have here seems to be a similar type of situation, either the person goes along with this insanity, which was refused in advance, or they remove the person from their existence.

The person isn’t going to be removed from their existence, cause the day the world could be like this, in any way shape form or capacity, is the day you all lost in advance. So in a short space of time, the person either get’s to be wiped from their existence, or they figure out or they figure out a way to bible style it. Remember in the bible when such offences would be brought forth, they use to have ways of doing thing, well it’s either biblical or it’s not, because I have never heard of such situation.

Anyways as they say, may we live in interesting times, cause we already do. 🙂
Cause if you are not willing to fight for it, yeah not going to be eligible, meaning able to keep it. It’s literally this type of situation, either parasitic elements such as this are dealt with appropriately, or it will be this type of situation, not just for one, but for the many.

If the situation is as is seems, congratulations, on the lives that now exist, from the life or lives you now wish to take. 🙂

July 26, 2013 - Posted by | activism, Awareness |


  1. Very interesting article. I believe this kind of thing may indeed be happening, not only with regards to fertility & procreation, but also with regards to intellectual property.

    When I was younger, I read that book & later saw the movie. I thought it was interesting back then, but it disturbs me now, without a doubt.


    Comment by musicis2words | July 26, 2013 | Reply

    • Yes I do still find the movie disturbing, and I am cognizant, that this sort of situation, is likely ongoing, in one capacity or another. Hopefully with more exposure, and awareness, something could be done.

      Take care.

      Comment by gangstalking | August 8, 2013 | Reply

  2. done with this site,,,TELL ME SOMETHING I ALREADY DON’T FAWKIN NO”boring,sane as it ever was, same as it evr was..T.H

    Comment by pleze........... | July 28, 2013 | Reply

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