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Of Saville Scandals, and Men

The story has been in the news for so long it no longer makes sense. For years it’s alleged that Mr Seville procured children for high profile people. They procured and used the children for years, most of them never came forward, and never will. They procure children for people in high society, and in high places and no one does anything to stop it? That’s hard to believe correct? I am however here to confirm, that it’s the actual truth, it’s the actual situation.

In doing the research, I am clear it’s the truth, I am clear that it can happen, it can happen in society, and it can happen right there out in the open, and you are asking it, you are asking the question, certainly they would do something, certainly they would do something to stop it? Correct, but they wouldn’t, and you know why? They would do anything to stop this stuff, anymore than they will do anything to stop our targeting.

If I was not a Targeted Individual, OT, Original Target, then I would have trouble believing, that the ritual abuse, sexual molestation, that is generational, sanctioned, and approved, actually goes on, actually happens, I would have trouble believing it, but I am clear that it’s the truth.

When we hear about Seville Scandals, we are thinking it’s not the truth, it could never be, that such situations, could not still be happening, with all that there has been about sexual abuse, and molestation in the news, ritual abuse, that such things could still be ongoing, impossible, but it’s because I am from a similar community, that I can not only believe it’s possible, but actually happening.

A few years back, if I had heard about Gang Stalking, a separate at times, subject matter, I would never have believed it possible, but since becoming a Target of Gang Stalking, meaning being a Targeted Individual, I am clear, that groups of people can be followed around for year, deprived of their dignity, humanity, tortured remotely, and electronically harassed, for months, years, at a time, without anyone believing them, I am clear, cause have I not at time councilled the community, confirmed this is what’s happening, this is what’s behind it, etc?

Well there is another community out there, another generation, that’s out there, they are children at first, they come from these families that are into this stuff, they perform these rituals on these children, in our world, we call it sexual molestation, and child abuse, in their worlds, their society, they think they are performing rituals on the children. They abuse them for year, they rape, and sexually molest them, and they think it’s normal. I am doing the research into this now. I didn’t grow up in a family like that, I am not a target in that way, but I have now met a few, and it’s totally different.

They just think it’s like normal, and they at first are hurt and traumatized, and they think it’s not normal, and they come from these high profile situations at times, the ones that I have arrived across, come across, and this is normal for them, since their childhoods. I will explain how it’s normal for them, it became normal for them, because their father’s, mother’s at times, aunt’s, uncles, friends of their parents are into it, so they are at home, they are getting molested, or ritually abused, as they all call it. They go to the neighbours house, same thing, they spend the weekend at a friends house, likely they are spending it with another family that’s into that type of situation, and the situation is passed on eventually from generation, to generation.

At first the child is being abused, traumatized and hurt, till they break a little bit, and either think the cruelty is funny, or just normal, once they become accustomed to their own abused, either at some point they are asked to abuse another child, or they in turn act out, and start the same rituals. In some of these families they believe it’s normal, and required, they think that the child is to socialized this way, for their society, is to be ritually abused, in a specific fashion, over and over again, you would think if this was going on, on going, someone would say something, or that it couldn’t exist in high circles, high society, it must just be in low places? I tell you that it’s in high places, interwoven, and that’s what keeps it going, generation after generation. Some just do not know better, they are clear you don’t do it in pubic, but some are not clear, that it should not be done at all.

Some think it’s a procedure they are doing, such as, the child is not eligible to be in the incorrect situation, doing the incorrect thing, the child will only be eligible to be in the correct situation doing the correct thing, but such ceremonies, are only ever eligible to have been done once, even back in the day, this is from the research, and in today’s society, it should be done as a blessing, without any type of sexual contact. Back in the day, they use to think they were performing a ritual, some use to dedicate the child to lucifer, and luciferin customs were involved, some it was strictly about preparing them for high society, and being in what they called the correct situations.  That’s as much as I can say about that, but I now do believe such situations exist, that they have existed for decades, centuries. Keep in mind, no one use to believe the Catholic Abuse stuff, people would have said that was myth also, children getting abused by priests, some in high positions, and cover up’s come on now, but it was true, and prominent families, some of them, being into this stuff, unheard of correct?

That’s what can be mentioned, the rest is the cover up’s, what goes on to protect these families, cause this all doesn’t happen, under the cover of darkness, you know, it happens out in the open, but not in ways that you might think. The worst part of this abuse, is when the child is socialized to become an abuser, or a child molester themselves. That’s the breath that must be stopped, that’s the breath, that must not be stolen, ok, that needs to discontinue, if the next generation, is going to have a chance to survive.

At some point in the abuse, in this ritual, the next generation learn, that this is normal, they are then socialized this way, and when they have children, they abuse, or rather ritually abuse them, the men and the women, and they bring their children over to their friends houses, and the abuse, or the cycle, starts all over again, sometimes they just don’t know better, sometimes they do, but sometimes, they just don’t feel that they can break out of the cycle, and so it continues.

That’s the truth, and I am blogging to one of the few communities, on the face of the planet, that I hope can believe, that such a thing could happen, could possible happen out in the open, having done the research, I will say it’s the truth. If the next generation was born recently, then they are likely to be in such a similar situation, unless it ends, unless it ends, tonight. Maybe this post can make a difference, there are those out there counting on it, grown, and little, who need to be released, released, from this captivity, from whence they are being held.

A former royal butler who admitted sexually abusing young boys took one of his victims for tea with the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, according to sources.

Police arrest another of the Queen’s guards in Windsor Castle paedophile ring probe

The cavalrymen were arrested after police found footage of Davies allegedly raping a young girl during a raid on a London home.

Police swooped on the house as part of an investigation into a child porn ring. It is believed the footage was being circulated online by paedophiles.

Davies was allegedly identified from the video clip by specialist officers who traced the file through various internet service providers.
Scandal at the Palace: Another soldier who guards the Queen at Windsor Castle has been arrested on suspicion of paedophile offences

Scandal at the Palace: Another soldier who guards the Queen at Windsor Castle has been arrested on suspicion of paedophile offences

Neal and Davies both served at the time that Princes William and Harry joined the household cavalry as officers.

The situations are out there, and if you are new to this world, the cycle, needs to end and it needs to stop, before it can begin.

If you are part of this situation, then the cycle of abuse, needs to end, as soon as possible, so that the next generation isn’t corrupted, and if you are already a part of this situation, then the abuse of the minor, needs to stop. The lifelong acting out needs to find a way to mend, and heal it’self, before it can begin again, or continue.

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  1. You’re very correct. When I first discovered I was a target in 2006, I had this “feeling” that child abuse and molestation was somehow part of the “big machine” (organized stalking). They had these slander campaigns going on where I was made out to be a child molester, but I wasn’t. And right off, that fueled my speculation that there was child molestation going on, and that the gangstalking was there to help “reform” people who knew about these abuses.

    And I also believe that some targets are being groomed to think like child molesters and sex offenders. Hence, the slander campaign may serve as :”foreshadowing” of what they intend the target to become after years of “reform” (actually abuse). Or maybe it’s necessary in order to discredit the target, in order to protect the perps involved in the harassment.

    And they will have really abusive passive aggressive or just plain naive people involved in harassing a target, too, who will use gulting to make the target think that he or she is a bad person, a horrible person, like the sex offender type, a rapist, a murder, criminal, whatever. But the people they have involved are very shady types, though. Maybe it’s because there is a higher power that is simply making use of whatever human forces are out there for their disposal.

    I’ve been “harassed” via the content of TV shows and popular music and ads, etc. There is always content worked into scripts, music, ads in the form of subliminals that is designed to harass the target. So I can never get away from it. And a lot of times, I get the impression that the people involved aren’t just methodically tearing down a target, but they seem like genuinely sick-minded people. So it isn’t just a big machine; but rather, it seems like the people behind this are sick and use this as entertainment to fulfill their sick fetishes from attacking a target in this way.

    Comment by D.M. | July 25, 2013 | Reply

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