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Underage Informants

Underage Informants
An issue of Child Abuse

This might be a sensitive topic, but it needed to be addressed, the article yesterday spoke in part about a 15 year old, that was on the informant system, someone the police used, that assisted with 30 arrests, and for his efforts he was deported, and removed from the country.

Underage informants, they do exist, let’s face it. Police are not suppose to use children under a specific age, but they do. There need to be rules and regulations for the age that you can officially, unofficially have an underage minor child on the informant system,

Every day, offenders are sent out to perform high-risk police operations with few legal protections. Some are juveniles, occasionally as young as fourteen or fifteen. Some operate through the haze of addiction; others, like Hoffman, are enrolled in state-mandated treatment programs that prohibit their association with illegal drugs of any kind. Many have been given false assurances by the police, used without regard for their safety, and treated as disposable pawns of the criminal-justice system.

East Germany used underage children as informants, a suitable part of the informant force was underage, the America’s, also use underage informants, as do other countries, but what age is too little?

Let’s face it some parents are so inured in the informant system, that they would place their children on the informant system from the time they were born if they could. Some probably have thinking that  they would likely end up being informants. The funny thing about the informant system, is most people think urban, communities correct? That’s likely where a lot of this first hits, but recall the informant system has been in place since ancient times. Judas being one of the most famous informants, in human history.

The English informant system is well documented, and thus the colonies, would have had exposure to the informant system, and those in contact with them, thus a global informant system.

The use of truly underage children, is what I wish to discuss, the official version is what 14, or 15, but there are younger, as mentioned, I am now clear, that some will attempt to enlist their children onto the informant system from the time they are born, if you are a little child who’s parent or parents are informants, and that is their culture, they may well try to broker a deal off or on the records with their handlers. You would imagine that such would only occur in impoverished urban areas, but again, you might be surprised. Some try to add children to the informant system, some to government agencies. It’s pretty scary, and specific.

My recommendation in advance, future forward, is that no child under the age of 14 be eligible for the informant system. Are they committing crimes, then the juvenile system, without the informant system, but it must be managed a specific way. Police on the beat in these area, see the next generation of informants, when they see these children at times, or the quota that has to be meet, in regards to getting informants into the mix. One officer, let’s call her Redman, sees an ethnic minority, and she wonders why is this person not on the informant system. She has a clear mental mandate, in her world, if the person is a minority, in her city, the person must be on the informant system at some point, if they are not, she has ways of arranging attempting to arrange it. 🙂 The officers, they are hard at work are they not?

I can’t change the past, or rather will not attempt to, but from the time the recommendation was spiritually, and on the planet made, I don’t want to see ones under 14 on the informant system, so that the next generation can have a chance to survive. I would also like to see guidelines for the others already on the system, that are already informants, and that will not be broken out of the habit. Once they become informants, and internalize it, or learn the habits, once they are broken into that type of mentality, they will not likely break out, and that generation is likely a little bit lost in that capacity, but there is still hope.

The Abuse

When people are clear that your kids are informants, and they are on the informant system, people act towards them a specific way in some cases. Eg. As mentioned the informants themselves are often open to abuse, and threats from their handlers, minders, parole officers, Chief of police, etc. So let’s say someones kid is an informant, the individuals in the situation, might no longer see a child, they might see a threat, someone who could easily set them up, someone subject to the same threats, and abuses, and someone subject to the same death sentences, rapes, murders, abuses.

Let’s say that’s someone 4 year old, 5 year old, 7 year old, this exposes the child to situations of an adult nature they might not previously have been exposed to, such as sexual abuses, that are prevalent in the informant system, beatings if they fail, or set someone up, abuses that the adult informants are subject to, becomes a part of their worlds, and existences, it is most unsuitable, and unfair.

Also as documented before, they use a specific frequency. That is the truth. Humans have specific hearing frequencies, when they are placed on the informant system, they are spoken to at times via these hearing frequencies. The informant can hear, the general public can not, it’s a most fascinating review. What I am now clear on is they talk to children, children, at 5 and younger on these frequencies, instructing them, giving details of what to say and do, this should be illegal and banned, this is a form of child abuse in the highest degree, and should not be eligible, to be in the correct situation, doing the correct thing, this should no longer be eligible, or allowed, in human history.


There are some, as young as 11 or even younger, who have an informant system mentality, they love the thought of setting individuals up, destroying their lives, and if evaluated, they would should as closer to an adult mentality, even though of an underage, these are variations that must be examined. They are under age, still needing protection, but the society also has to be protected, should they be eligible to be on the informant system early?

Individuals that are 17, on the cusp of adulthood, but truly have a childlike mentality, and are not well suited for the informant system, should they be eligible, or required to join, since they truly do not have a proper comprehension of what is ongoing?

These are the variations, that I would like to see reviewed, within the confines of the laws, and maybe outside. I do however wish to see all ineligible contact with minors discontinuing. There is so much abuse that occurs, emotional, sexual, psychological, social, and so forth.


Because these individuals can place children into the informant system, early and often do, these kids are getting instructions, being exposed to a dirty culture that is not theirs, in some cases, and learning, learning, to be a detriment to the society. They are learning nothing suitable in some cases, but they are well versed on betrayal, setting people up, spying on them, and informing, telling lies, betraying people, and setting up the next one, till they are zombified also. They in some cases, will not see it as anything, because it is what they have been taught.

If I did this the official way, and this is what I would like, and want to see, I would like to see, social/psychological evaluations for some of these future informants, but that would ruin the whole sceem of things would it not? However as much as the informant system was to be a private system, with oh you never know who is on the system, I am now clear they are using children, and the same way these names in the papers are killed, what of these children, that you are using in these situations?

I am tired, because this has been a real review, the little I do understand from doing the research is the cusp of what is to be understood, but from the outside, it is wise and well to only understand, and comprehend only so much, cause only someone on the outside, can change things, or rather attempt to make the recommendations and change things.

Mitch McLean said the drug enforcement agent told him his son would be safe. The officer, who was Jeremy McLean’s “handler” with the Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Narcotics Task Force, said he would look out for Jeremy and that the people Jeremy would be ratting out “were not dangerous anyway,” Mitch McLean said.

A case that has dragged on for years in the courts involved LeBron Gaither, a sixteen-year-old student at a public high school in Lebanon, Kentucky. One afternoon, Gaither, who, according to his family, was generally mild-mannered, had an outburst in which he punched the school’s assistant principal in the jaw. He was taken into custody for juvenile assault. An officer from the Kentucky State Police came to see him, and told him that he could face a prison term or he could agree to become a local drug informant.

All I can do is recommend. I believe very strongly that children, under the age of 14 should not be used. If there is any obstacle to this, they should be socially, and psychologically evaluated, no ambition, truly wishes to be a part of this, is of a clear understanding, and comprehension, that see what is suitable. Beyond that, I really do not want children that are those ages and younger, on the informant system, but I also do not believe that a 17 year old who is of a childlike mentality should be on the informant system, and would evaluate them, to see if there is something else or some other option for them.

I heard some version of Taylor’s statement dozens of times in the course of more than seventy interviews with people whose lives have been shaped by America’s growing reliance on young drug informants—narcotics officers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and the friends and families of murdered C.I.s, as well as some former informants.

These stories are heart breaking and tragic are they not, but recall most of the individuals in these stories were over 14, and imagine if the police continue to rely upon, and to use, underage minor children, what will become of the society, or societies, and the future, as future generations, learn to be betrayers, who lie, cheat, set up those around them, and are vulnerable to all sorts of abuse, and intrigues, will they not perhaps, deliver a destiny to future generations, unless something is done to curtail this situation, these situations now.

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  1. I do see kids getting involved in my harassment campaign on a regular basis. And sometimes they are around like 6-7 years of age in some cases. I wasn’t sure what they were doing, because it’s possible someone was observing the interactions via whatever remote viewing tech. they have The trouble is, there is a lot involved “behind the scenes” with this system. There is always something going on, but a lot of it is completely shielded from the target of this covert warfare so that the target never actually sees anything like: fake files, lies and slander, and whatever method they are using to dispatch state actors into whatever place I happen to be visiting. In the early years of my overt targeting, state actors were naive and were telling me things to my face that were very slanderous. Now, they hide any slander campaign activity from me, so I have no idea what they are doing. They have learned over time to keep whatever they are doing behind back more discrete. Yet they never stop. It’s been intense day after day for many years.

    One time a student told me that “they” (the people running the show) are beaming my thoughts to the state actors. But now, I know for sure that any actor that I see has been contacted and given a “role” that they are supposed to play. I don’t think they are beaming thoughts to anyone. In fact, I believe the Controllers are doing this, and are keeping the crucial data private, but they are scripting roles for various individual harassers and groups of harassers.

    I’ve seen a lot of what I am 100% sure is a scripted act, like this one young adult who was an informant and handler of mine years ago. I did my research, and found that he had been charged with some sort of crime, like harassment and making terroristic threats of minors and adults alike. He also has a “violent history” and history of going after people with guns, according to the police blotter and newspaper articles of him I have seen. He has been on probation at least one time. So it seems this violent person is being used by the State. Well, the role he was given was simple: about two weeks ago, a car drove past, and there were people cheering and waving to me. Then this guy leans out the window and makes sure I see his face, and yells some intimidating remark.

    It seems logical that he was given reduced jail time or additional protection in prison (as he is possibly a child abuser obviously) in exchange for this little role he played.

    Well, this is typical of a lot of what state actors do: they are given a role which has them performing a unique act of rudeness towards the target. And it doesn’t seem like much, but Big Brother (who oversees the harassment against me) knows the ins and outs of my psyche, and what appears to be a harmless act of yelling by a punk is really one small slice of what amounts to a large pie of extreme psychological violence against me.

    And since each person is performing their own unique rudeness handling role of the target, it looks to bystanders like just an isolated incident of rudeness by a simpleton. But the fact is, these simpletons are really state actors playing a designated role by a larger system which is levying a very destructive plan of psychological brutality against a target. They are smart, because they know that these little acts add up to major damage, as there is an endless stream of these incidents constantly aimed at the target. And of course, the System is monitoring each act, and they know how each little minor act of (scripted) rudeness adds up to one big damaging act against a person’s psyche.

    Comment by D.M. | July 19, 2013 | Reply

    • I assume state actors, means informants, if I read it that way, then it makes sense. These individuals, they do speak to them on a specific frequency that they can hear, but others can’t, and yes if they had access to your mindfiles, cause such technology does exist, they are perfectly capable of sending your private thoughts, details, to these state actors as you call them, I just call them informants, and some work for government agencies, but they are not the correct sorts. They are the incorrect sorts.

      Comment by gangstalking | July 23, 2013 | Reply

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