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Happy Ever After’s

Happily Ever After’s Do They Exist?

Let’s go through a few of the situations that are out there, that are suppose to be happily ever afters.

Everyone recalls the Charles & Diana situation, it was there when I was younger, I think at first I thought it would be happily ever after, then I recall being young, and focusing on the words he said to her, they asked him if he was in love, and he said or stated, whatever that means. It was those words in part that would determine the outcome, but it’s not even that, those were the first words that were a key, and vital, yes vital indicator that something was
not going to be correct in the relationship.

15 tumultuous years later, and a seriously unhappy situation, we learnt that the princess at the heart and soul of the relationship was unhappy almost from the get go. The happy bright, shining images that were being presented to the public were not always what they appeared, and the story behind the scenes was completely different, than that which was being presented. It was not the fairytale that they were showing, it was a seriously unhappy ending for so many reasons. Happy endings, much less happily ever after are very rear, and they hardly arrive into the situation.

The next generation.

William and Catherine

Now to the world this situation truly, truly has a chance to survive, here is a fairly youthful prince, who for the most part is deemed likeable, he saw his parents go through an unhappy marriage, and so should have the chance to go through a particularly happier situation and arrangement.    .

Mr Prentis went on: ‘In the tabloid press, so much is written about benefits abuses – young women having babies to get state hand-outs. ‘But conference, that’s enough on Kate Middleton.’    

Author Hilary Mantel’s described her as a ‘shop-window mannequin’ with a ‘plastic smile’    And newspaper columnist Joan Smith dismissed the Duchess as ‘unambitious and bland’ and Britain’s ‘Queen Wag.’

The two individuals in the situation are both mature, she dated, individuals before William, and he before her. (Thank God they didn’t have to go through that awkward phase that Diana had to go through, where her virtue had to be confirmed. I do not recall Catherine having to go through such a situation.) They were flat mates in college, and have been together for 10-12 year, several of those that they lived together, including an off period, where they were separated. (It’s never clear what Catherine did fully during that off phase, most other young ladies in their circles after break up, end up dating a friend of the princes, I guess she never did.)

Either way they got back together, and have gone on to having a fairly, on the surface none controversial situation. They had a suitable situation on the surface, apparently modern. However I do not personally find the situation particularly exciting, passionate, or reminiscent of happily ever after. It is however on the surface straight forward. A young woman, who met a young man in college, they had something, or some things similar in common, they
got together, lived together for a time, he popped the question, and then they tried to have a baby.

The young lady in question is well to gaze upon to be sure, but for my fairytale, the young lady must bring a specific type of class and character to the situation. The individuals in this situation, unlike previous generations, seem to be more often on vacation, than contributing to charitable contributions, that might however not be the incorrect thing, as they are young, and just finding their way, I for one recall the excitement of Diana, and that Happily Ever I believed, where this one is pretty much similar to most modern day situations, the fairytale element is always missing for me a little bit, even though it should seem fairytalesque on the surface.

Albert & Charlene

Is that why she was tearful? Prince Albert’s bride ‘tried to run away THREE times’

I am not well versed on this couple. The pictures in the papers are there, his mothers romance, from hollywood royalty, to Monaco royalty, a fairytale in and of itself. Now Albert is to follow up on this by finding a princess who can place the situation into the correct situation, and have the correct situation thus occur and thus can happen.

I am not that well versed on this couple, but I was following the newspaper articles that were there in advance, just before they were married, she apparently according to the articles, attempted to escape from paradise, and was attempting to flee the situation, now this is based on the newspaper articles. Albert somehow managed to get her back, and this happy ending seems to be the outcome.

I am not clear about the whole situation, but upon reading the articles, the situation for me felt a little bit shy of what I was hoping for, in regards to happily ever after.

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