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The Informant System

So based on the research the informant system was no lightweight, from the day this illegitimate little system was created it was not eligible to be in the correct situation doing the correct thing, and neither were the individuals that got ensnared in it., most of them by definition of being on the informant system are not eligible to be in the correct situation doing the correct thing. I want to clarify, just because some ended up on the informant system it did not necessarily make them the incorrect persons, but at some point some
might have come across the law in an adverse manner, what is clear however
is that the informant system, ever increasingly needs to be eligible to be in
the correct situation doing the correct thing.

The informants on the informant system have this dream, they think well if  everyone is one the informant system it makes sense, like East Germany maybe, but I have one question to ask them, since, part of what they do is turn over, setting people up, getting them to be on the informant system, and then watching them, and doing these little surveillance operations, which cost and destroy lives, they think it’s funny in some cases most do not, but I have at least one question question for them, let’s say they were all on the informant,system, for those who think it’s so great. Who are they really going to observe and set up when their is no one remaining. I mean when their is no more room in hell, the dead will rise and walk on the earth, but when they are all on the informant system, they are going to be watching each other, and setting up who? Who are they going to find to set up, or monitor, maybe themselves, but don’t they get bored? If the informants have to all watch each other and not set people up or destroy lives, don’t they get bored.

If the person who owns the informant system were on the informant system, that also would not make sense, because let’s face it, then they would have to take instructions as well, and that would never work. I have research a great deal of this system, the real problems it causes, how it destroys lives and communities.

This is what I am co-cognizant, the informant isn’t going to be eligible to  survive, it breaks down natural interactions, social discourse, it also take the air, and the energy from the environment, that is what it does, it places the environment into discord, into imbalance, you could honestly say it’s even not environmentally friendly, because it throws people from their environment, it throws them from their natural courses outcome, and turns them into something quite different.

Their are situations and positions in this world, that are not compatible to being on the informant system, community advisors, they have to be trust worthy, because you need individuals who can have a slightly different world views, not be prejudiced by the informant system, or required to do one favor, also previously the informant system would just destroy innocent people, their have to be people that are a little bit above reproach, If the informant system is going to change, it will need to change in a suitable manner, over a period of time. the individuals that wish to leave will also have to have something to look forward to, something a little bit familiar that they can trust because if this be the actual situation they need something that is core, something that will make sense, the intimacy has to be their, they assure me that it’s very intimate for them at time. I basically see the informants from a gang stalking, Targeted Individuals point of view, as they are busy destroying innocent lives.

The only situation that has always been there is the family unit, if individuals are to be away from the informant system, they need time, and a reintegration into society, because life on the informant system, terms, gestures might be slightly or quite different than normal gestures, how they function think, and interact, expectations, and interaction. What is also clear and known is individuals need to be kept busy, cause once off the informant system, they need something to do, on a consistent basis.

The nice situation is as the Threat Assessment Teams work now, in conjunction with the local monitoring units, meaning at times these teams do interact with the informant system, the teams need to be overhauled, meaning at this moment in time, Targeted Individuals, myself included have felt the glare of the Threat Assessment Teams at times without knowing why, have been stalked and monitored, gang stalking, without knowing why at times, more importantly without justification. I wish to see an overhaul of such teams, individuals need access to information, they need to be clear when humanly possible, if they are on such a file, what it was for, and what they need to do to be back in good standing, I would like to see these teams used to monitored the out of balance with society, those actually doing incorrect actions such as rapes, molestations, etc, I do not want a surveillance society mind you, but an ever presence society where we look our for each other and keep each other safe.

As such someday there will be a Threat Assessment Team created that will do just that, it might already be there, it will create spiritual files first, then earth based files, if the situation is warranted, the reports are going to be based on the unique identifier system, thus much more accurate reports of who is responsible for incident.

The individuals doing the monitoring will be those who want to assist society vs hurting it, someday Targeted Individuals and others could be treated in the most human way possible.

The informant system is changing, or diminishing, as such individuals need options and opportunities, they need and require and amnesty of sorts, and if I am in possession of an informant system, or the informant system whatever that is, it would be the first thing I would do, give those an amnesty, to those who want and need it, enable, meaning not enable underage children below 14 to be informants, because some want to be in such situations, or are forced to be, but others want change.

I have spoken to some of these individuals, I use to think they would be the worst people, but the informant system set’s people up, they are sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, so forth, families do not alway realize that their relatives are being conscripted, without their awareness, if you have read anything about gang stalking and people getting followed it’s by these sorts, and they could be anyone, the butcher, the doctor, so forth, because many individuals in societies are on the informant system, let’s face it, it’s a global informant system, and it’s not going anywhere at this moment, but it is changing, and it might be changing more rapidly than you think, when it does, individuals need options, change, social councilling, and reintegration.

The Threat Assessment Teams need to be changes, I have blogged and written about all of this before, and in time likely will again, but these are the changes that need to be implemented for the society, for the societies to change,

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  3. still in calgary csis are playing head games again ,last night they had another retard try to piss me off whiel i was trying too sleep,contact ,PEOPLES COMMISSION NET WORK CSIS WATCH.csis had a native punch me in the back of my head last week,they are trying to get me arrested so they can have me behide closed doors,ZERZETSEN,8ABBOTSBURY WAY LOWERHAM PLYMOUTH

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