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What’s in a name? Everything!

A boy named Adolf Hitler

This story has been ongoing for 3 years or more now, I am not sure if you are familiar with the particulars of the situation, so let me summerize, the Cambell’s had three children, they decided to take Adolf to the store for his birthday to get his name written on his birthday cake, the lady at the store refused, after she refused, they requested an apology, and that’s where the story begins, I wish that is where it had ended, but it isn’t.

I always recall this story, because to me it wasn’t about being white supremacists or not, it came down to something more core, more essential, the ability to name your children what you want to name them. If it is within reason, I think you should be eligible to name your children what you wish to name them. I believe this is what it came down to, and I think the fact that this situation went on this long speaks volumes about our society and how
controlled it is.

In the interum of this case, they brought in issue of abuse this, was there abuse, was it this type of situation, here, was it this type of situation there, but to me it came down to, what you can and can not name your children, and who has the capacity to step in and tell you what to do with them.–dont-kids-back.html#ixzz2WbOMT1LW

The parents who gave their children Nazi-inspired names say they were found not guilty of child abuse Tuesday though have yet to receive their children from protective custody

I recall this situation, because at the time 911 conspiracy was still ongoing, and they were wondering, if they started naming their kids ‘inside job’, was the state going to come and round them up? We are advised that to name the child Hitler was abusive, but like him or not, Adolf Hitler was a historical figure, will the same situation occur if you name your child Genghis Khan?

There have been many individuals throughout space, and time that we now like to regard as despots, evil, horrible people, but at the time, and even to their own culture, these people at the time might not have been regarded as such.

Now admittedly, because the family had tattoo’s, and possibly Nazi beliefs, this did not help, aid, or assist the situation, if the family in question were not white supremisis, and were let’s say of asian, african, or jewish decent, would this have caused as much of a contraversy, would it have been viewed the same way? How much control should the state really have over what you name your kids, and are entitled to name your kids.

The controversy is interesting, because at the time Adolf was likely a popular enough name, Hitler unknown, but before the History books wrote him in as a complete monster, and despot, I recall reading that he was actually popular  at one time.  What of individuals who have the name from back then, or someone who decides to take on the name innocently enough, can they expect to be in a similar situation, or have their children taken?

Through the 1930s the letters grow in number and Hitler received many before the elections in 1933. And he got thousands on his birthday.

What is your capacity as a parent, what are your rights? I think within reason, you should have the capacity to name your children what you wish. I would like to know that if you name your kid Ayatollah, (which means sign of God, Sign of Allah”) and even if you added the Khomeini, would your kids be taken, he was really contraversial in the 1980’s, and it’s something that could simply not have been done on American, or North American soil, but what if future generations wanted to, are those kids in jepordy as well?

I am personally fond of the name genghis khan, maybe even Alexander The Great, what about vengeance and a sword, one would be historically ok to name a child, and the other not? Is this the actually situation, are they going to come banging down your door if
you do choose such a name in future? Celebrities get away with choosing some of the most outlandish names I have ever seen, but most times they are not in danger of losing those children, or being accused of being abusive. I am not failing to see that the cambells were white supremisis, or that they hold specific belifs, but I was under the impression, that you could not take their kids, for those specific beliefs that they hold, but you know what, it seems as if the state did just that.

May we live in interesting times, because we already do.

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Situations or girls in the news

It’s a girl

Congrats to KIM K & KANYE West on the birth of their new baby girl. Glad to
see that things are going suitable for these two individuals. If they name the
baby North, West, it would seriously be cool, but then she has to watch out for
guys, with lame pick up lines, such as hello there, your’ North, which way is
South? Otherwise it would be a cool choice, either way, best of luck.

Plus if you go with North West, people can figure out which baby fashion line to look forward to in future. 🙂

But new mother Kim is said to be seriously considering naming her first child ‘North’.With the child taking her father Kanye’s surname the youngster would be ‘North West’.According to InTouch: ‘North is at the top of the list of names’

That Middleton girl

.Mr Prentis went on: ‘In the tabloid press, so much is written about benefits abuses – young women having babies to get state hand-outs. ‘But conference, that’s enough on Kate Middleton.’

I’d like to think that Kate Middleton’s handouts are a little bit better than what most young women in her situation recieve.


Author Hilary Mantel’s described her as a ‘shop-window mannequin’ with a ‘plastic smile’

And newspaper columnist Joan Smith dismissed the Duchess as ‘unambitious and bland’ and Britain’s ‘Queen Wag.’

‘The Duchess of Cambridge has faced repeated criticism since marrying Prince William two years ago.’

To be completely honest, this young woman has gotten more free passes, and
more free rides than the world U.K, or the world knows, what to do with, yet
the situation continues. At times she has been enabled to ride so hard on
Diana, a Princess of Wales reputation it did not make sense. Diana was a
young woman who paved the way for this person., Diana came into her own
after years, and months of some struggle and hardship, removing barriers, this young woman, and so many others not longer have to bridge, or break. She became who she became in a time before youtube over night fame, or twitter fame was heard of. In a time when the previous monarchy was antiquated. Diana was charitable, and loved the charities she represented. She actually showed up for events, and people didn’t actually
have to wonder, if she was going to actually do something, or just go on the
next vacation.

Kate Middleton’s criticism has been much less than what it could be, if there is criticism, it’s because people see this, or they see that, and they hold back as long as humanly possible before weighing in on, what needs to be said, or made mention. To think that it literally has been two years about, till they have finally started to speak up just a little bit, speaks volumes, in and of itself.

When people do personal comparisons, or even just comparisons in general, and they do, and they are clear, that their are short comings, if anything, most people just overlook the glaring truths in front of them and think, well at least Diana’s cub, married someone who
seems to make him happy. Indeed.

William seems happy enough on the outside, those friendly public displays of
affection with Catherine, which have been described as friendly brother and
sister kisses, seem happy enough, but then so did Charles and Diana at the
onset, the difference with Charles and Diana is, I believed Charles and Diana at the onset,
and I am clear that she wanted it to work out, she was in my opinion, in love with Charles, she was young, niave, and well she was what the world needed and wanted, she indeed was a Princess, and a very much beloved one, just not necessarily by the person, or persons, whom she wanted to love her the most.

Others have gotten into situations, have not done half, not even quarter of what
Diana did, in her lifetime, and I do mean lifetime, she paved the way, they have not had to endure the censure she endured, yet they have benefited from all her praise, all her glory,
in some cases. Take care.

Girl meets world

I am not the type who would seem like a fan, but I am out here, and I am saying good luck with the new series, ‘girl meets world’, picks up with the teenage daughter of Corie and Tapanga, also some guest appearaces from previous cast members.

In an unsurprising move, Disney Channel is greenlighting “Girl Meets World,” a spinoff of the popular ABC series “Boy Meets World.”

The sitcom centers around Riley Matthews (Rowan Blanchard), the tween daughter of Cory and Topanga Matthews. Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel reprise their famous roles as seen in the above official photo from the New York City-set series.

Looking forward to seeing the series, loved the old series, looking forward to seeing Shawn and Angela make an appearances, as well as the siblings of Corey, and Shawn. Take care.

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