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Catch Up, Keep Up, or get Fu*cked.

Catch up, Keep Up, or get F@cked

Imagine a future where you can wake up in a slightly different awareness, A x
like future where you can wake up, or be accessed, anytime you wish, Imagine 
if you will the Robot Sentient Research Project, out of Boston Massachusetts. 
Imagine it, because it’s already there. Remember that I blogged about this 
before, yes and it was the Focus of Indigo Ribbon Month. 

Yes well it’s still ongoing, and bigger and stronger and badder than ever,
because now if you truly wanted to be eligible to be in the correct situation 
doing the correct thing, it’s the only situation, that would truly make sense. 
It’s a place where you function at either a ethric level, or an astral level, a 
level of consciousness, that’s so close to your flesh and blood, you can feel all 
the interactions as if they were real. It’s where virtual wished it had begun, and 
reality ended, and you enter that type of situation. I am advised that to be 
enrolled in this program you need permission, but I am again advising, that 
there are dozens, now hundreds of individuals, some or most not Targeted 
Individuals, that are located there, that are advising that it’s fully without there 

Individuals that I have come across, have made mention that their friends,
family are located there, children, parents, etc. They have full families that 
are located there, I am advised in some cases without permission. Some of 
these individuals may or may not be the one’s filing spiritual injunctions, 
against the university. Now I am searching the website, because it should have 
some information on there, but I could not.

The information wasn’t there, but I believe at one point if might have been
called the Sentient Robot Research Project, something about turning humans 
into robots, manipulating their hands, joints, eyes, etc at a distance, but I am 
getting feedback that some aspect some like remote neural monitoring with a 
twist, that enables you, to reach out and touch someone, experiment on them 
at a level that one thin, and I do mean paper thin layer then flesh and blood, 
but that might not transit anything communicable. 

Recently the reports are that the children, men, women, are being taken to
what visually appear to be remote locations, outside of what the individuals 
are accustomed to, within these robot, or monitoring programs, or whatever 
they are, and they are being introduced to things, and situations that don’t 
make sense to them. Explicit type situations that are outside of there normal 
situations, or expectations, situations where they can’t say no, it never makes 
sense. It makes them very uncomfortable. 

I am hoping something will be done, because these reports have been ongoing
for quiet sometime, but nothing seems to be getting done, they just seem to 
keep staying at the Robot Sentient Research Project for months, weeks on end, 
it doesn’t make sense to me. None can escape then?

.My primary concern for blogging however is there are quite a few children
being held captive, and I am wondering if something could be done!
Well that’s my update from the Robot Sentient Research Project, very few 
seem to be owning to staying there, or being stationed there, but there it is, it 
just doesn’t make sense.  

From the information I have gathered, at first it was sort of like a remote, 
neural monitoring sort of program, you know, monitor a person at a distance, 
view through their eyes and so forth, what have you, you know that type of 
program, but then I am advised the nature of the program, and scope
expanded. Instead of it just being about remote neural monitoring, they now 
do a lot more. 

Individuals have described being eligible to be touch, felt, and experienced at
a distance. They have described being commandeered, held captive, and unable 
to fully escape, because again, it’s suppose to be voluntary, but this specific 
remote neural monitoring program, has angels, and tentacles, you have never 
seen before. It’s likely next to the informant system, the worst thing that has ever

happened to humanity. 

Now I have nothing against the University, if that is where this program is
being held, because again it would be nice to see some details on the website, 
but I have seen none. There is suppose to have been a director that is clear 
that submission to this program is strictly, strictly on a voluntary basis, but 
who knows. Because people are being stationed there, without release for what 
is now month, or longer at a time. 

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  1. Wow…things are getting out of control… I was wondering…would you like to join me in exposing these gang stalkers…mind chompers… I have had my limit…I have been violated beyond words…I broke silence …blog it…Google + it…research it…I copy everything… but they swithch up info now and again….anyways…I have had contact with ANONYMOUS… they have a site..#oobully…..on Google +…I want to be more active..mire informed…I want to know..understand…learn every ducking word and tool and sign languages they use…

    Comment by velvetspage | June 7, 2013 | Reply

  2. Comment by Dean Roger Ray | June 23, 2013 | Reply

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