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When there are no more black persons in Russia

When there are no more black person’s in Russia

(The fairytale repeats itself.)

The story of the Tsar and his family are very interesting, everyone is slightly familiar with the story of Tsar and his family.  I was wondering if this tragedy was repeating itself in a slightly different fashion, one that was never going to be equated or understood.

Whenever I read and reread it, I think that the tragedy could have been averted, I am thinking of another situation that is occurring on the streets of Russia, I am thinking of the systemic removal of thousands of ethnic minorities, primarily black individuals at first, but I am advised that on the streets, others are also not safe, or were not previously safe.

What if this is the tragedy that will need to be averted this time around? Last time it was the Tsar and his family, they are the one’s that needed to be safe, some thought that if him and his family were out of the way, maybe the tragedy could be averted, but maybe another type of situation is occurring, and that’s the way the story is replaying itself, this time. It’s not just one family that needs to be saved, because that would be pretty obvious, maybe the rescue that needs to happen, and occur is the rescue of the black individuals or those who are in danger on the streets of Russia, and those who are quietly, but violently being deposed in the background.

I have never made the connection before, before today it would not even have made sense to me, but people always say that history repeats itself, what if this is the way this specific tragedy is repeating, when the last “black” person on the streets of Russia is raped, beaten or murdered will that be the tragedy that needs, or needed to be averted?

Russia has many situations occurring, many tragedies, or potential tragedies, such as the Crocodile, they also have the potential for hope, beauty, and laughter, right their below the surface, a smile waiting to burst, a beautiful sense of humour, that is often hidden behind the cold of the Russian winter. What if a tragedy is replaying itself, with a people that need to be saved, with a people that are being blamed for some of the bad things that are occurring, but who may not be wholly responsible in and of themselves.

Comparing a none royal situation, to a regal situation is never going to make sense at this stage, but I always recall thinking that the Tsar and his family, are going to be safe, it’s going to be fine, then the final round up, and then it’s not going to be ok, it’s not going to be fine, what if a similar tragedy is happening right now, in a similar capacity?

Maybe the rest of this tragedy could be averted, if the fairytale is replying itself, maybe it’s replying itself for a reason. Maybe this time the tragedy could be averted, and rescue that is so badly needed, could arrive.

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  1. It appears that perp has used this site to cyber attack/harass an OS victim. Please be informed on that .

    Comment by Slowell | June 5, 2013 | Reply

    • How could they use the blog to cyber attack someone?

      Comment by gangstalking | June 12, 2013 | Reply

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