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World Ruler 101

World Ruler 101

To manage the world everyone thinks you have to be on the world stage,
because that’s the way it’s been traditionally done, but to be on the world stage,
what if you could do it remotely?

GRID System

Create a grid system, that’s eligible to be in the correct situation, a GRID
system that connects with every town, village, hamlet, a GRID system that
everywhere in the world, and that responds to every community. Would that
then be eligible to be in the correct situation, and have the correct situation,
thus occurring, and thus co-happening to it?

The GRID system links in with emergency services, files reports, and enables the population to be in the correct situation. It’s not all seeing, like in Orwellian society, but it is all present and it will keep you safe.

Security Clearances

What if you created security clearances for everyone on the face of the to
address the issues of security, but also issues of fun, social settings and so
forth. Most people would have their clearances for work, school, play,
shopping, clubbing, etc. They would be eligible to be in the correct situation,
and have the correct situation occurring, and happening to them, because it
would be just that sort of situation. They would be adjusted remotely, in a
matter of seconds, or minutes, vs having to have new one issued, the correct
levels, and class, would just be adjusted, right away.

Financial Cash Exchange System

What if you created a financial system, that was eligible to be in the correct
situation, one that was low on fraud if not fraud proof, one that worked in
harmony with the unique identifiers. One that enabled you to be in the correct
situation. Image if you were a useful person in that society, you could
throughout the course of your life, be eligible to have a little bit more in that
society, but by virtue of working for it, you still have to earn your keep mind
you, but  you then have the means you need to survive. a secure system, that’s
fraud proof to an extent, and doesn’t come with the same credit issues as
previous situation, also used in a variety of places.

Unique Identifiers

They are not like passwords or user names, yet they are specific to a specific
individual. They are not eligible to be in the incorrect situation, so they make
sense. Eg. creator of the unique identifiers, can only be one person, so
therefore, that in and of itself could be used as part of the persons, unique
identifier system. With twins, you have even the first and last name, and other
variations that make sense, unique situations about both.

Global Security Force

What if you could create a global security force, but one that was eligible to
be in the correct situation. Citizens from every country would be represented,
they could be on call when you need them, would not have to be there full
time, but could mitigate and manage every situation, and could be there in a
matter of seconds. Citizenship, and global citizenship would come into play,
because they could answer calls on a global basis, they would not necessarily
be limited, but some jurisdictions, may apply, maybe not.

Global population enabling

A way of enabling the population, men and women, to be eligible to be in the
correct situation, and have the correct things thus occurring, and thus
happening to them. Population enabling that would enable the populace to
be parents when they wished to be parents, and would enable them to be
aware very quickly, so they could plan ahead. A little future preparedness.

Pre-crime policing

Enabling the population to have advanced warning, if something is going to
occur, or happen to them. The population could then find out if a crime was
going to be committed, and prevent it in some cases. It would be a great way
to enhance crime fighting abilities.

Proficient Laws

A global rule, or law, that would enable these situations to thus occur, or thus
cahappen, meaning a law that would address, current, ongoing, and future
issues, and enable, or allow room for improvement. That would be the most
suitable things whatsoever.


Create technology that can work, or interact with all the different parts of the
society, and then have it be useful technology, that can answer questions, give
directions, assist with the various aspects of day to day life. some thing that
can be some of the most efficient, suitable technology on the face of the
planet, or it can be as simple as an everyday utilization. Have either the
governments pay for it, or have the private citizens, and the technology is not
enable, or allowed to be abused, because then you can loose the privilege.

Community Planning, and Implementation

I would enable the world to be in the correct situation, community planning,
and implementation, that is geared towards each community, country, city,
hamlet, continent, etc. Pretty much whatever that area needs they will have,
and it will not take years, it will take a matter of months or weeks to see
many of the changes implemented, and when most communities function in a
similar manner, however in a manner that still means the unique needs of
the society, then we will be in the correct situations. We don’t want a world
that is all the same thing, no, no, no, but we do want a world that functions,
that’s eligible to be in the correct situation. A world with community planning,
that works across the globe, but still enables unique, and diversified locations
to hang onto their unique identities. A none homogenized society.

Eg. If you visit Africa the GRID system is there, you are familiar with it, you
have your security clearance on hand, which can assist you with entry into the
correct locations, even while on vacation. The GRID system can assist with
directions, or the Hi-technology, which functions slightly differently depending on which society you might be in, but you can still ask all the same questions, such as where is the best location for this, or that, or how do I do this, but it still respect the local populace, and the natual inhabitants.

A form of community planning and implementation, that’s unified, and yet
unique enough to satisfy the various populouses from around the globe.
Community planning, that does think local, but enables the world, the globe
to function.

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  1. I don’t know what UAE could do to help me. US are flying chemtrails aircraft with: >>>>> >>>>>1-No tracking devices. >>>>>2-Acoustic sensors to hear you from 50 miles away. >>>>>3-Acoustic weapons to harass and assault you from 50 miles away that cause deafness, bleeding… >>>>>4-Magnetic wave weapons that stall anything with an electric pulse, like your car, a plane, heart, brain, they can slow it down or speed it up as much as they want and have damaged my heart valves with 2 men blaring their voice in my ears saying “jump start your heart”, “tachycardia” and chest compressions” while they are doing it. If you look at my genetic profile – mental illness and heart arythmias are less likely for me than the general population at large, but the Pentagon and their psycho intel losers won’t stop insisting they can fake any illness with their weapons and go around murdering anyone including heads of state. >>>>>5-Mind control weapons – which are essentially the magnetic wave weapons. They have mapped the human body and can stimulate or stop anything that runs on an electric pulse like your electronics or body and override them. That’s what they did to the black woman who tried to contact President Obama that they gunned down for going past a barricade with her child in the car. They have been using their weapons to assault and harass men, women, and children. They were changing their voices with their weapons and pretending to be Obama. They have had 5 men regularly pretending to be my ex-boyfriend with similar voices but not exactly the same and a couple of them with deeper voices pretending to be president Obama. >>>>> >>>>> >>>>>I don’t doubt that most of the shootings out here are being caused by them and their weapons. They claim to have caused the twin towers with their weapons and have assaulted and harassed me on commercial jetliners in their psychopathic need to prove that they can do anything they want and pretend anyone who stands up to them is crazy. >>>>> >>>>> >>>>>However, as unsafe as it is here,I’m accustomed to being equal to men and saying and doing what I want even though the US DOD and CIA are behaving like psychopathic sociopathic control-freak losers and going out and murdering people in the middle east and the hispanic countries like Hugh Chavez, I don’t know what the UAE can do for me. I need someone who is huge and powerful like Russia or China and all of Europe to stand up against them at once. Can the Middle Eastern countries unite and stand up against them? Israel wasn’t powerful enough. I’m afraid if I go to Russia, they will send their aircraft after me and then Putin will be under mind control. They are a bunch of uneducated power hungry back water hicks on a major power trip but it won’t get better until everyone stands up to them, not just one or two small middle eastern countries or just Russia. >>>>> >>>>> >>>>> >>>>>

    Comment by April Cahill | October 15, 2013 | Reply

    • Not sure if I can be powerful like all of the above people’s or countries, but will see what can be done. You post is very well put together and very well done, it’s the sort of post that is fun to read.

      Thank you.

      Comment by gangstalking | October 18, 2013 | Reply

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