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The Royalty


Yesterday was one of the most exciting days for me, I went to make a
purchase online, and in addition to paypal, bitcoin was a currency that was
being offered. I could actually purchase the item that I was going to be
purchasing using bitcoin. Let say it was something similar to website hosting
or something, that was the coolest moment, because I am clear that the
virtual stuff is finally crossing over, that means someday soon, spiritual based
products will cross over the exact same way.

The Royalty

Items that are sold via a spiritual based system, and items that use a spiritual
based coin such as The Royalty, will be eligible to do the exact same thing
someday, image purchasing items with something like The Royalty.

It was just neat to see that virtual has finally come of age, and to think that
someday other situations will also come of age, such as spiritual based items.
The Royalty is the official coin of something called The Royal Queen
Authority Financial System, it’s a pretty cool situation, and someday you never
know what will cross over.


Where spirit and sky meet are finally crossing over in a big way, and it’s nice
to know that the HELP ME GRID, has been globally implemented, now
wherever you are, across the face of the planet, you can literally say HELP
ME, and or HELP ME YES, HELP ME YE, File a report, and you have a
spiritual based GRID system that will actually render assistance wherever you
are located.

It just goes to show, the situations that are spiritual based are finally coming of age, little by
little. Someday soon, you just might be purchasing items using The Royalty, keep those Royal Queen Security Clearance, and those Unique Identifiers handy, you just might need them.

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  1. This is the same system that was used for that international campaign, for Indigo Ribbon Month.

    Comment by gangstalking | May 17, 2013 | Reply

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