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Child Molesters Amongst Us

Child Molesters Amongst Us

The scary part, truly scary part is that there are child molesters amongst us, 
and you would never guess who they are. Like the butcher, the baker, the  
candle stick maker, and you would never guess who they are. What if it’s not
the butcher and the baker, but what if it’s famous people that we know and 
love, people that we enable to be in our lives. people that we trust, people 
that we might even have wanted to prevously be around our children. What if
it could be that type of situation?

Livin’ On A Prayer

We are living on a prayer to think that those types are not out there, they are  
the actors, actresses, song writers, heiresses, heir’s, kings, Queens, Princes, 
Princcess, ex Presidents, Corporate Executives, CEO’ of our favorite dot com,
what if these are the monsters at the top of the child molesting pyramid.

What if some of the people on your facebook wall were just not what they
appeared to be. Facebook being one of the more popular engines on the

Political Ponerology: The science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political 
Purposes, by Dr. Andrew M. Lobaczewski

Dr. Lobaczewski describes the process which a society goes through as it
begins to degenerate as a result of being controlled by psychopaths. This book 
is the scholarly result of a combined effort between multiple researchers that 
have directly experienced this process unfold under communist & fascist 
dictatorships. The society retains an outer appearance of decency, (to deceive 
the masses & other countries), while being operationally highly degraded. The 
book also describes how low-level deviants naturally find their way into such a 
system, & assist the upper-level deviants as they establish control.

The quote from the book is interesting, because those types tend to be the
types they invite into their midsts. 

You Give Love A Bad Name

When a society goes bad, feral, it’s every aspect of that society, not just one,
every aspect of the society goes bad or wrong, that”s what’s so interesting. 

When people are being mobbed, it’s every aspect of the society and not just
one aspect. The corruption runs rapid throughout most of the society, and it 
does not make sense, but then the informant system does not make sense. 

That situation, that system does not make sense. I basically have a rabid 
dislike, of the informant system, and I don’t have a fondness for child 
molesters, who could. I am cognizant that some individuals in their lives 
were in the incorrect situation, and maybe have done the incorrect things,
maybe a time or two, I am not trying to judge you, or sit in judgment of you, 
but I am really starting to hate, or rather dislike those who would hurt and 
harm children in that manner, in that capacity. 

I use to think that the monsters were few and far between, but they are in
more places that realized. They are a few more than thought. In doing the 
research into this, it seems the Seville scandle, Franklin Cover Up’s and other 
stories are truly just the tip, of a very cold, very monstrous iceburg waiting to 
happen. When a society goes feral, evidently it’s most of the society, thus quite 
a few child molesters, from top to bottom. The same with the informant system.

Wanted Dead Or Alive

Ringing the bell on this stuff, and the informant system, I think that they are
both two very problematic situations, plagueishly, and systemically destroying 
society, but truth, or a secret to be kept, in doing the research, I am starting to 
discover, and it might just be the actual situation, is that some people are 
molesting their children, because the informant system is asking them to, that 
something I was not aware of before, but I am now. The research has been 
fascinating, somethings that I can’t even share with you, but wish I could, at 
this stage, just learning researching, and going forth. 

I think if we are to get this plague, this scourge, mitigated and managed, then exposure and awareness need to arrive. They system is not the correct thing, What I can comprehend of it, I do, and it’s not the correct thing. I am clear now about a couple of things, I don’t want to understand or comprehend child molesters, I am clear they are out there, some are not meant to have been monsters, but they are. Horrible, horrible, horrible, some trusted names in the 
news that don’t even make sense, and the other siltation is that the informant system, needs to be removed from it’s situations. Someday I would love to get this world, this society corrected, someday I would like to take over the cigarette factory, and get this situation corrected, the cigarette factory would be representative of the informant system. I will not or to the best of my 
ability, not become a smoker, I dislike smoking, and smokers, and I dislike, meaning hate, what I have discovered, or researched about the informant system. 

But I am also clear on this, you don’t take over cancer, and wrap it in a nice  tight, pretty pink bow, it just ain’t’ going to work, the informant system is a cancer, but it’s worst than a cancer, and it seriously needs to be dealt with. 

The same is true with the plague of child molesters, they are out there, they are names, you would never suspect, and it’s just so gross and so wrong. 
Some are also taking their orders or directions from the informant system,  that in part why there are likely so many child molesters, in places unsuspected, or unknown. It’s a weird world that we live in, and I am discovering a great deal. 

Till the situation is exposed, it will be like this till the end of time or eternity, unless something is done about the scurg of the informant system, and the ramifications of some of the previous dictates. Child molestation needs to be continued, meaning it needs to end, but the best way to end it, is by exposing it. 

May 4, 2013 - Posted by | Gang Stalking


  1. Since we are talking about monsters, lets add:: Obama voted to withhold that care. 3 times. Under his recently-passed Obamacare bill, abortion is now taxpayer-funded. That means that all America shares in the killing of these babies, their blood is upon all of us.

    Comment by jk9267 | May 5, 2013 | Reply

  2. And what I’ve noticed is that the people participating in the harassment campaign against a target, is that they stick up for each other, and it crosses levels. For example, we have media psy-ops that are inserted into shows and music and the news media of varying forms, that contain content that is intended to harass certain targeted individuals. A lot of these people tend to think there is something wrong with the target, when in fact that target is generally a highly intelligent, free-thinking individual.

    And it seems they all (informants, perps, psy-ops people in high levels) live by the principle of denial, and sticking up for their peers (other perps, informants, etc.). It’s like they are all in this battle they are collectively waging against the target together, and they will not give up. I feel now that they do this because one, they are psychotic in some ways, and two, because they know if they are caught, the system can sustain damage. That means no more control over the target, and possible prosecution.

    I saw a comment that was interesting about child abusers, how they tend to project the blame onto the victim as part of their thought process. A lot of times, they blame the victim, and make it seem as though the victim were a bad person, not smart enough, etc., that somehow it’s all their fault and not the perpetrators’. You’ve seen this with various perps and media psy-ops that try to tell the TI that they deserved being targeted. Same mindset. Maybe they are not all child molesters, but it seems to me that it seems like it’s run by the military, and of course intelligence agencies are involved. There are good people in the system that try to save us from bad situations from time to time. But for the most part, they all have this mindset of an abuser, rapist. And it drives me crazy how they all seem to cover for the system themselves, and other people who have tormented us, like they are so great and we deserved it somehow.

    Comment by D. M. | May 7, 2013 | Reply

    • Your comment, or rather post, makes sense to me. I thought it was good, and well worth reading.

      Comment by gangstalking | May 17, 2013 | Reply

    • I’m one of those that is targeted by the media here in California.

      Comment by endgangstalkingnow | May 22, 2013 | Reply

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