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A changing of the guard

Sometimes a changing of the guards isn’t going to be the incorrect thing. If
the world is as it appears to be, full of psychopaths, and the corrupt, then
maybe a changing of the guards would not be the worst thing, but how could
such a thing ever occur?

If the world is full of psychopaths, psychopaths, but psychopaths in a bad way,
could the world ever change, could things ever be different, sure, it’s possible.

You would just have to be the bigger psychopath, be a psychopath, but a
psychopath in a good way. Is there such a thing, sure, cause if the world is
ever going to change there has to be.

The way things have been traditionally done is that someone comes onto the
world stage, whatever that means, they either appeal to a wide audience, and
have vast oceans of followers, admires, or sheeple, depending on the person,
but how many actually accomplish anything? How many actually do any
good in this world? Yet the faithful that they seem to incur on the surface are
there, in some cases all the person has to do is breath funny, and they get
standing ovation, they don’t truly do anything, or accomplish anything, but they get all this adulation. I have seen those sorts, and those types, they are fun for a little bit, people love them, they throw their support behind those sorts all the time. Your my type Joe, you do things the way I like, but does anything actually get done, or accomplished? But they just look so darn good on the world stage, doesn’t that just make sense. Indeed. It’s made sense, too much sense, it’s been the way things have been done, been always done, and if they continue to be done this way, humanity will do themselves into extinction, or there about. generation after generation.

I want to see something new, different, something, shiny, effulgent, something
that actually gets things done, something, or someone that actually
accomplishes something. The world stage has been done, you know, and you
meet all the other world rulers, and then discuss how to make, or rather not
make the changes necessary for humanities survival, and then the few
changes that do get made, humanity fawns all over them, for so little, they
 get so much, while others do so much more, and are barely acknowledged.

I would like to see the correct person get called into the situation, but I want
to see a change of the situation, I want to see someone not on the world stage,
but who actually accomplishes something. Can that ever be done without
 being on the world stage? Can achievements ever be accomplished if you
don’t do things in the traditions sense of the word?

To accomplish anything in this world, the person would either have to be very
 charismatic and out there on a daily basis, or just quietly working in the
 background, so that a change could occur. In the first scenario, maybe that
 would work for the world, in the second scenario, the person, or persons would most likely not have the support or financial funding of the people the way they needed to. I think much could be accomplished, but it would have to be done a specific way. The world does not always appreciate what’s good for

Anyone trying to make a change needs to be eligible to monitor the world,
and world events, without having it be too brave new wolrd, or 1984. The
correct balance has to be meet, because quite a few people do not want to
 live in a surveillance society. I think a change of the guards is necessary, and
how it’s done is important.

Traditional methods have failed, rulerships based on who inherits the crown
have failed, even though we do like to think that if someone did something
great in the world, the progeny, might just accomplish something as well.
I think a changing of the guard could happen, but it would have to be done a
 specific way, and humanity is not always helpful, or appreciative of changes.

April 16, 2013 - Posted by | Awareness, Gang Stalking

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  1. I have a certain amount of experience in dealing with kool kid secret agents, other corrupted government employees- mainly in law enforcement but also certain other departments, and their major “private enterprise partners in crime: the entertainment industry (movie, TV, porn). I believe the last-named group is what so-called “illegal gang-stalking, illegal electronic assaults, etc” are all about: making a lot of money that no auditor-general will ever discover on any book. All this crap is packaged and sold to sexually deviant degenerate market – naturally, the deeper the consumer’s pocket, the more “explicit” the product available for him or her to buy. By “explicit” I mean range of “mild” for college-crowd entertainment addicts (who believe what they engage in is equivalent to “hazing”) to “most explicit” for deepest (and sickest) pockets. Whatever your price-range, they’ve got a product for you, and they market world-wide.

    If you want, give me a reply but be advised that all and I mean all digital communication is monitored 24/7 (they are government employees remember, they have a different level of “law” than the rest of us).

    Comment by gene-rick hick | May 7, 2013 | Reply

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