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Follow the money trail

I was just watching this television show & it reminded me of this series or something called “The Dark Monarchy”, or something, I think the show that I was actually watching was called “Castles”, and the show was enabling others to comprehend just how creating some of these peer of the realm families have had to be in refinancing their assets, eg. in creating the situation, in fulfilling the request.

The show that was called “Castles” very interesting series, but the main item I took away from the show is that many families are finding creative ways to finance large estates, because the inheritances do not always cover what they should, I know that for some it’s hard to believe, but for others that is the case.

Her coronation took place on 28 June 1838, and she became the first sovereign to take up residence at Buckingham Palace.[38] She inherited the revenues of the duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall, and was granted a civil list of £385,000 per year. Financially prudent, she paid off her father’s debts.

 Imagine if  “Victoria” in all her great, guts and glory had debts at time, then you can imagine that others might also, and that being in the spotlight, might not always be what it’s cut out to be. I recall reading that after she married Albert they quietly refinanced the place to pay it off, and refurbished quite a bit of it. 

If Victoria in her reign can be in such situations at times then, you have to imagine that others might as well. These politicians, celebrities, royals, musicians, sports players, what have you might also not be in the correct situation at times financially.

That’s the reason why following the money trail might not be the incorrect thing, remember even Donald Trump has been or has had to declare bankruptcy in the past at least once or twice.

Apr 29, 2011 – First things first: Donald Trump has filed for corporate bankruptcy four times, in 1991, 1992, 2004 and 2009.


If “The Donald” can be in such situations at times, then imagine others can also, meaning too, despite what their corporate networth is or their assets. So to be in the correct situation, then it can be imagined that those in high positions might also have additional situations thus occurring or happening to them. The difference with “Donald Trump”, and others is that Mr Trump has connections, and when stuff happens, at times he can draw upon those connection, others can not, not to say that he is not a very self reliant person on his own. 


Online you always hear about those in high positions being parts of these scandals, I hate to say it, drug scandals, prostitution scandals, child pornography, and child molestation scandals, and what if the actual situation is that those in high positions like senators, and others have actual scandals of their own happening, is it actually possible. 

So how do you ever catch individuals in these scNDals? I think it’s better to follow the money trail, and since the internet exists, we can do so.

 American media dubbed the “Kill switch bill”, would grant the President emergency powers over the Internet. 

I think sometimes if there is one situation occuring, there could be others, and often times as it so happens, even if these individuals in these situations, seem to be financially well situation, the chances are good, they may well not be, so the best way to get access to them is to follow the money trail, don’t assume they are wealthy on the surface and behind the scenes, if you can not get at them, or go after them in any other way, follow the money trail. 

You won’t catch these people for the Franklin or Savile style cover up’s, but you  might just catch them for their financial dealings, so instead of stressing yourself out, wasting years of your time and energy, go for the money trail instead. 

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Reverse frog prince?

I thought this was cute, the little girl looked so much like the little girl that was at the “Royal Wedding”, for a second I thought he had taken his cute little God daughter with him to Scotland, that would be so cute, but then I thought it couldn’t be her, she was what three at the “Royal Wedding”, and she must be so much grown, plus she is not likely that attached to her God father. 

The little girl was cute though, looking for a kiss from a prince and pulling away at the last moment, usually there are just not so cute moments, out there, so I thought I would blog about it. 

Here is a picture of Grace Van Cutsem, doesn’t she resemble the little girl from Glasgow who pulled away however. 

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