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The Golden Arches and their meaning?

What do the golden arches mean?

Yes some thought it was just an M in McDonald’s, but the Golden Arches are more than that, and that’s what I am trying to remember or find out. I am fairly certain the symbolism is Egyptian in nature, but a quick check around the internet has not satisfied my curiosity.

Now someone was recently saying that the golden arches stretch or the influence reaches right across the planet, but what does it all mean?

The images posted are of some of the earliest McDonald’s, before the golden arches were incorporated into their logo.

I have found several explanations, some think it’s luciferian in nature, masonic, but I think it goes back to ancient Egyptian times.


This arch is not golden, but it has gateway symbolism. I think that’s the closest I am going to come to figuring it out, or finding it. Usually my quick search around the internet are a little more fruitful, but today no such luck. So anyone have proof positive definition of the golden arches and their actual meaning? If so please feel free to post it, because let’s face it, the vast majority of us, myself included have eaten at McDonald s, and hardly even wondered what the symbol means.

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  1. Have anybody got the people who is controlling that voice to skull or artificial telepathic equipment to back down? As a victim of their abuse I would like to know.


    Comment by Avery Anderson | February 28, 2013 | Reply

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